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The Shockwave. A New Kind Of Sidearm

28 December 2008 - 03:42 PM

So I had an idea last night that I could make a strikefire(crossfire) cock like a tech target. I also replaced the barrel with cpvc and minimized it.

a strikefire/crossfire
hot glue gun
1/2 cpvc
the aimer from the ls
a nail or a thin metal rod

Here are all the materials.(minus the hot glue gun and the nail)
Posted Image

So first open the gun (duh) and take out the barrel and plunger thingy. Cut a piece of cpvc a few inches longer than the plunger tube.
Posted Image

Then wrap one end of the cpvc in e-tape until it fits well. Then lube the e-tape and the inside of the plunger tube.

Then take your ls aimer thing and cut it so it looks like this.
Posted Image

Now drill a hole in the bck of the gun. This will be for the new cocking mechanism.
Posted Image

Now you are going to hot glue the nail, plunger tube, and aimer like this. But don't forget to put your spring on first.
Posted Image

Put your gun back togeather, use your putty to get the barrel to stay in the gun, and you're done!
Posted Image

Mine has almost no sound when fired. I gets pretty good ranges from what I've seen when i shoot it down my hall. I don't have official ranges yet but I'll get them soon. I'll also have a vidoe up soon.
Also to minimize it just us a hacksaw and just chop the ammo holder off.



30 November 2008 - 10:02 AM

This is my first real post so don't flame me too hard. Also I know that it is very unclean.
So this is my longshot. :blink:
Posted Image

What it consists of is a singled longshot with the lsfg intergrated where the biopod used to be.
Here are some more pictures of it!!!!!!
Posted Image

And of the internals.
Posted Image


Here got a vid up!


Help Posting Pictures

28 November 2008 - 06:23 PM

Please help me I cant figure out how to post pictures. When the box that says," enter the complete URL for the picture", I can't figure it out. Where do I go to get the right URL becuse my URL isn,t a website. Please help!