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The Deconstructor

06 June 2009 - 07:07 PM

I haven't posted in a while, and I wanted to come back with a bang.

So to start, I love the AT2k, that is the insides. I hate the shell, it's curvy, non-threatening, bulky, and awkward to hold. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I love the Recon. I love the way it dissassembles, I love the look, and I think it feels great in your hand. However, as we all know, the innards of the recon are pretty much useless.

So here is the base form of The Deconstructor
Posted Image

As you can see, it is hardly evident that the shell has been modified. I was aiming for a very original look without it being too obvious that there have been changes. Yes, there are some visible differences but they do little to shatter the original image of the recon. There is a piece cut away from the slide mechanism, that is because I wanted the air tank to as close to the front of the gun as possible to minimize dead space, as will be apparent in the next picture

Now, lets take a peek inside shall we?
Posted Image

An AT3k pump is evident in the photo, I found that it fit perfectly inside the room where the clip used to be. The small circular section of plastic fits perfectly around the pump rod, allowing for it to poke out unobtrusively. The pump feeds the AT2k tank by looping around, yes it would have been easier to simply have all the tubing inside but I was going for a kind of plasma pistoly look with the tubing exposed. I think it gives off a good image. The at2k tank is breeched and uses the original bolt sled from the recon to service the breech door.

Lets take a look at the firing mechanism.
Posted Image

I ran into a couple of issues producing this. First off, I couldn't get the tubing from the air tank to not interfere with the comfrotability of the handle. I ended up cutting out most of the inside of the shell to accommodate the firing pin.

The breech opening
Posted Image

Finally, the initial goal of the project was to make an AT2k fit inside of a recon with little to no evidence of it being there, so the attachments HAD to be included for this to be a success. All of the attachments can easily be removed for the desired "mode." And all fairly quickly, except the case for the pump rod, which must have screws removed for it to detach.

First off, what I like to call the "shotgun mode"
Posted Image

I find it looks similar to a Spas-12 myself.

The complete assembly as a full rifle
Posted Image

I realize that breeched weapons are not nearly as effective, and that a couplered AT2k would produce a more effective weapon. However, as I have iterated that was not my goal. I did this for the challenge of it's production, because I love modding because it allows for a large amount of problem solving of which I relish in. This project produced plenty of problems to solve, and I feel that I solved them adequately.

So, NIC, there it is in all it's glory. I await your feedback.

Anyone Have/modded/seen These Things?

23 November 2008 - 05:31 PM

I love the pistol splat, it is a fantastic pistol with a great design. It fires fantastically and I am optimistic about what I am about to show you because of it.

Its from the same people and seems to be air powered


I am hesitant to purchase it because of the price tag though, and the shipping estimate is laughable. Anyone know anything about it? It's funny that these things suck at paintball but are great nerf weapons.

At2k Turrets

02 November 2008 - 09:44 PM

I am in the process of my continuing BBB modifications and I am attatching an AT2k turret to it. However a standard barrel system will probably not function very well and have a lower ROF then the previous couplered barrels I had on. I was wondering if anyone had any kind of system they had worked out to either coupler or breech the AT2k barrels. I would prefer rear loading but thats not possible without ruining the AT2k seal (if you can prove me different I would love you <3)

If you have something pictures or even an explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Angel Breech (or Any Ls Or Recon Breech)

27 October 2008 - 10:17 PM

This is a quick question about not only the angel breech but any recon and LS breech in general. I have looked at a few brass breeches on the Recon and LS and I am having a conundrum trying to figure out what to do here. The question is, the part of the breech that guides the dart

this one: Posted Image
Is it supposed to slide OVER the receiving end, or INSIDE of it? I am having a lot of issues with this right now and could really use some answers. I am using 17/32 brass as barrel material so what should the guide and receiver sizes be?

Supermaxx 3000

18 October 2008 - 03:07 PM

Alright so I recently opened up a neglected supermaxx 3000 I got from a friend. This thing is ridiculously beat up, I mean its REALLY taken a battering. Its got scratches and what not and I think even some water damage. However, I finally got it open. Once inside the thing, because I knew it was broken the trigger kept making a very crack kinda noise, I investigated the trigger apparatus.

The trigger is fine, but it seems as if the firing pin is stuck inside of the airtank. All attempts to pull it out, even just a little bit, were to no avail. Its almost as if someone epoxied it in there, but I know this is not the case because it has never been opened.

Any help?