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Easy Titan Mod Good For Newbeis

10 June 2009 - 04:56 AM

note:you doint have to open the gun to do this mod!!!!!!!and u can still shoot the big rocket and a stock darts

first cut out the top of the big barrel
ok now just screw of the big barrel.ok now get a cupler to fit a half inch pvc. hers the hard part so get ur hot glue gun and from the bottem of the big barrel put the big side of the cupler in first and glue it just above the screw part it might be hard u well get it now drill out ar of the gun and ther u go a good 150ft rang gut that can shoot both ammo note:the rocet will [u]NOT[b]get 150ft
sryno pics hopeu do it and this is my first mod on nerfhavn