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Double Shots At K-b Toys

13 December 2006 - 06:51 PM

If this has already been talked about, could a mod please close it? Thanks.

Anyways, I was walking through my local K-B in search of Lego sets(which they were almost clean out of) and whatever other toy deals I could find, feeling very awkward the whole time due to the fact I'm 16. So then, to my sureprise I spot a bunch of Double Shots, and was in awe for a bit, for ever since my (21 year old) brother broke mine, I'd been searching all over for a new one. Thus, I picked one up.
Upon getting home, I opened it, and immediately realized a few differences from my old one upon playing with it for a few minutes. The gun itself has a few changes, including what appears to be a stronger spring, and different colored little pieces, like the little tabs that hold the shells in when the gun is open. The big surprise, however, came in the shells. Unlike the ones that came with my old Double Shot, these have what seems to be a spring-loaded o-ring in the bottom of the shell that is pushed down when you push the dart in. It seems to create a great seal. Without a doubt, I'm going to have to go pick up at least one more of these, if only to ship one or two to Direct Threat to get painted. Has anyone else seen these new Double Shots near them, or these new Buzz Bee shells?

N-strike Designations

03 December 2006 - 12:35 PM

Ya ever notice how the N-Strike Designations are a bit more than mere random letters and numbers? I was thinking about it for a while, and I realized this. The letters are how the gun holds its darts, and the number is how many darts it holds. For example:

NiteFinder EX-3
External Storage, 3 Dart Capacity.

Maverick REV-6
Revolver Storage, 6-Dart Capacity

Firefly REV-8
Revolver Storage, 8-Dart Capacity

Longshot CS-6
Clip System Storage, 6-Dart Capacity(per clip)

The only ones I haven't been able to figure out were those of the N-Strike Unity System, Titan AS-V.1, Hornet AS-6, and Scout IX-3. The dart capacity numbers are still present and still make sense, but the letter designations don't.
So I was just wondering if you guys have ever noticed all this stuff. I personally find it pretty cool.

Nerf On Frappr

26 January 2006 - 09:10 PM

So, you see, I'm sitting there looking at the Brikwars Frappr Map, realizing how cool it is. Then I think to myself "Hey, Why not a Nerf Frappr?" So, after searching for a previously made one, I decided to make one. Join up and map yourself for all to see!

Link: http://www.frappr.com/nerfersunited

For those of you who don't know(hell, I didn't), Frappr is a community site that maps the members of different groups. It helps people with common interests visually determine who near them shares the same interests.

Lubricants Of Choice

18 December 2005 - 09:35 PM

Yea, I did a search to see if a thread like this was made, and there wasnt, so here goes.

I recently got into modding after about 2 years of owning nerf guns. Figured that if I really wanna get into the hobby, might as well start modding. Took apart my trusty nitefinder today(just to get into the habit), looked at how it worked, analyzed what had to be done to PETG mod it, put it back together, fired it to make sure it still worked, and sure enough, it did. However, it was extremely loud. After disassembling, tightening, and reassembling, I came to the conclusion that i needed to re-lube it.

Long story short: What do you guys use to lube your guns? (wow...innuendo galore)

Special Ammunition

27 November 2005 - 09:53 PM

Alright...while back i bought a "Paintball Grenade launcher" Off eBay. Basically, its a 2" PVC pipe attached to an M14 stock with a ballvalve behind that you hook CO2 up to. I'll post a pic when I can.

Anyways, since I don't really play many scenario paintball games, I've been looking to get this baby into nerf. I need something to fire, tho, and i don't know what. I already tried a mini Vortex football, but i had to wrap so much duct tape around it to make a seal that its too heavy to get any farther than 20 feet.

So I'm looking for some type of ammo that I'll be able to fire out of this thing.It has to be able to make a seal in a 2" diameter PVC. Any suggestions?

P.S. If this is in the wrong forum, could a mod please move it?