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In Topic: Kansas End Of Year War

13 December 2009 - 03:07 PM

hey excellent war guys,

awesome playing field for the afternoon

having my snaps not break

4 raiders+ fort+ 5 respond points= awesome zombie rounds

having hot chocolate

seeing my fellow nerfers again

meeting new guys


left a lot of stuff (thanks equilox for picking that up for me)

my angel breech shooting like crap

the slushy snow

Overall awesome war, thanks homestar for hosting.
Hopefully we can have soom more local wars soon.


In Topic: Kansas End Of Year War

10 December 2009 - 05:14 PM

Hey would anyone be willing to sell some extra darts. i might be bringing some friends and i dont have time to make them darts. Just wondering. Thanks

In Topic: Kansas End Of Year War

09 December 2009 - 06:33 PM

hey, guys im in for this war. It outta be fun in the snow. Sorry for the late notice on my coming, just wanted to see where it was gonna be. See ya all saterday.

Oh I might be bringing a friend.

In Topic: How To Resurrect A Crossbow

21 October 2009 - 07:45 PM

I just got to say that this is an awesome gun. I personally got to see it at the war. It's range and accuracy are scary. I do feel bad though, now with the 2k Equilox has twice the worries. (inside joke from the war)

In Topic: Sofail Topeka War Recap Thread

09 August 2009 - 03:19 PM

I had a great time! Thanks for hosting, Ace and Tornado. It was good to meet for the first time/ see all of you guys (again).

+Cool park, lots of trees for shade and cover.
+Didn't get sunburned this time
+All my blasters worked pretty well, especially the MagSplat.
+Last man standing in HvZ! Thanks, Tornado.
+If it was Halo I would have had an Overkill medal in the HvZ round ★★★★ :P
+Got to use my flags.
+Found some good homes for some extra blasters I had.
+Tornado, please tell your dad "thank you" for me for picking up my sammich.
+Got most of my darts back.

-Sorry, had too much fun to say anything negative.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next time! I'll try to get something organized down here if anyone could make it.

Hey guys that was an awesome war.


-Meeting all of the kansas nerfers
-not having any guns break
-getting an elimanator from keith
-only getting one welt
-playing an Effeminate round of zombies
-seeing all of the differrent guns and mods
-having shade
-finding a lot of my darts

-It was hot
- getting a full magazine shot at me from a magstrike by my own team mate (*cough* keith *cough*)
- being killed by a disc launcher in zombies
-getting hit by/running into homestarune and falling

Thanks Ace and Tornado for hosting a great war.