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In Topic: Nerf Vulcan Mods

25 August 2008 - 09:57 PM

i never said it fit fifty in the box i said it will make a mod for the box and when u curve the tip it work perfect so shut the fuck up and other wise i had enough of these fuck ing idiots ruining anything they can just so they think they are better than us so shut the fuck up u piece of shit.

Wait, hold up. So you basically just cut a hole in the existing ammo box so the last 25 links in the 50 round belt would hang out? That's not making a box that holds 50 darts, that's cutting a hole in the existing box and allowing it to HOLD 25 rounds inside, plus 25 rounds outside. While it seems to work ok sitting on your bench I doubt it would work that well if you were just running around shooting it. Of course guys like SPU-Nerf have done better 50 round mods that would actually work. I.e. in SPU's mod (http://nerfhaven.com...12615&hl=Vulcan) not only does the box actually hold 50 rounds, but he implemented a system of catching the belts as they move out of the right side of the gun. You need to implement some sort of belt catching system (assuming you use the Vulcan standing up) to prevent the mechanism from jamming under the weight of the partially spent belt. And having a loose belt hanging out kind of defeats the purpose of having the box in the first place, although I guess it's better to have 25 links hanging out then 50 links.

On another note fix the capitalization and grammar.

Finally, I've had enough of all the kids on the fucking Youtube. New rule. Only Forsaken Angel and those who don't show their face, don't speak, or are generally awesome may make videos. Otherwise please, PLEASE just stick to doing write ups. If you don't think a write up is worth the trouble then chances are the mod isn't worth the trouble either. I for one like to see a short video that compliments a good writeup, not a meh video and no writeup.