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In Topic: Pushbutton Water Bottle Caps

25 January 2017 - 03:52 AM

Testing these out at CTNO this weekend (used the water bottle threads method), will have feedback then.  I've actually still been using regular PVC endcaps on my hoppers up until now...

In Topic: [CT] Connecticut Nerf Out - Sunday, January 29th 2017

25 January 2017 - 03:45 AM

If I am cold, which I expect to be in the morning, there will be a lot of rounds and not a lot of downtime.  There will be plenty of opportunity to use everything.

In Topic: SCS (Suction Cup Slug)

29 November 2016 - 11:33 PM

I have hundreds and hundreds of rounds' worth of chronograph data by video on them.  Most tests were conducted in a 16" .527 alu barrel, with a hoppered 4B at 10 pumps, in Connecticut summer temps and humidity with calm winds < 3 MPH.  Freshly made SCS hit between 279 and 294 FPS.  Worn/battle used SCS hit between 263 and 286 FPS.  The vast majority of shots group within a tight band of 10-15 FPS of variance in each category.  Due to the core of the dart being manufactured, they are very consistent in velocity.  No appreciable difference in velocity was found between 1.25", 1.5", and 1.75" SCS.  Longer SCS tend to fare better as they get worn out, but that's about it.  They work at full length, too.  You can only fit about 4-6 in a standard hopper, but they go just fine.  Full lengths work in superstock blasters, but they are not being given enough power and it shows.  I probably wouldn't try these in flywheels, just use regular USCs.  NIC springers run SCS of any variety very well.  Van's Demon Rainbow runs them even without a felt pad, where my 4B wouldn't.

SCS typically weigh between 0.90 and 1 gram and behave like #6 slugs.  In my target tests, SCS outperformed both #6 and #8 slugs in accuracy and precision, consistently landing on line with the target and in tighter groupings.  My own beige #8 slugs got absolutely crushed by SCS in these tests.  Due to the core of the dart being manufactured, they fly amazingly straight.  Every now and then, one will veer off, but it's like 1 in 20 vs some types of darts that rarely fly straight at all.  I was able to consistently buzz a camera-sized target on a skinny metal pole with the SCS from 50' and then 80' away, while slugs were often way off (noting that 80' is around the max range of the vast majority of NIC war legal primaries with slugs when truly fired flat).

SCS setups definitely need to be optimized.  As noted before, they will not work at all in CPVC, even magic CPVC, or similar tight barrels.  They need brass, aluminum, PETG, polyester, etc.  The condition of the foam also matters a ton - foam in new condition likes a wider barrel, used foam likes a tighter one.  Sch 80 PVC often runs used SCS very well.  .509 alu should run used SCS optimally (.495 is a bit tight, .527 is too loose).  That said, if you run really worn out SCS through .527 alu, it will still hit 250-271 FPS, it's just much less consistent and prone to going wide, it basically acts more slug-like.

I know this sounds like an infomercial, but that's how awesome this dart type is.  Silicone domes should probably outrange SCS a bit, but SCS should totally murder them in accuracy and precision.  That vs the ease and quickness of dartsmithing, no cornstarch or feeding issues, make SCS the best non-metal NIC darts I know of.  Nothing in superstock is more accurate AND precise than USCs, and this mod makes them hopperable NIC darts.  They *should* be the most accurate NIC darts, with one caveat - wind.  They act like #6 slugs in wind, not #8s, as #8s are heavier.  On an open field with strong winds, #8 slugs should still edge out SCS.  For that reason, I still use slugs.  However, I am switching to SCS for all indoor wars.

In Topic: Nerf wars and Nerf groups in New York City?

20 November 2016 - 08:34 PM

We have a superstock group in the city, wars are held in Central Park near the Met.  Check the "CPNO" war thread for the most recent one.  There may be another one before the year is over, I dunno.

In Topic: Frozen Foam 3: Chilled to Perfection

20 September 2016 - 05:52 PM

Edmund is coming?  Awesome, I have over 400 of your darts to return from past wars.