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In Topic: Generic Motor Question

16 May 2020 - 10:37 PM

You use a MOSFET to offset the high-amp draw of the motors. IDK if those motors need a MOSFET offhand, but I hear they're amp hungry so it probably wouldn't hurt. Most regular hobby motors (Valks, M2's, Rhinos, etc.) are fine on just a switch.

In Topic: What Happened to NerfHaven

16 May 2020 - 10:35 PM


The disintegration of forums and the balkanization of online social media is not unique to Nerf at all. It's completely common nowadays to have multiple parallel social groups of a particular hobby active in the same geographic area, and be completely unaware of each other. It's interesting how the internet of 2000-2010 had a lot of centralized hobbyist forums that really brought everyone together, and how much that has disintegrated in a few short years.

Yeah this is my read on it. Monolithic social media platforms emerged; niche hobby sites died. Several of the big ones are likely to survive for some time, and may survive beyond social media, but we weren't big enough to weather the storm.


I will say though, The reddit is now nearly to 50k subscribers, so there still are a few major bastions of the hobby.

In Topic: 3d printed springer pistols?

17 March 2020 - 10:18 PM

Link to blaster repository:


Mk18 is excellent, and I am in no way biased in my recommendation of it 😁

In Topic: Persus "loser rifle"

04 February 2020 - 10:47 PM

As a hopper fed blaster, I don't see the benefit of converting a persus to a sniper blaster. Its role is in suppression fire, sniping isn't something it is designed to do.


If you want a real sniper, consider converting a knockout to fire darts. If you want something aesthetic, you'll be hampered by the requirement to provide a barrel sufficient for HIRs to pass through unhindered - it'll be ~1-1/2" diameter or so and look chunky.

In Topic: N00b Status: Confirmed (some quick questions)

04 February 2020 - 10:44 PM

1. I dont wanna be jerk so I want to ask about referencing/advertising my company, if that's a no-no I totally get it and I'll refrain from any of that. I'm here for knowledge and expertise not to promote my own stuff.

At this point, I don't have an issue with it. Just be sensible about it, probably belongs in the war forum.


2. I was trying to PM a moderator so I didnt need to make this silly post but I figure its prob one of 3 things: I'm blind and cant find the right button/tool (or just unfamiliar with this forum's layout/features), they're disabled for the forum, or it's a newbie restriction thing. Whatever it is, I'd appreciate clarification


New users are restricted so we don't need to deal with spam. If you're a good user you'll automagically be upgraded to full member status and be able to upload & post pictures.

3. Before I start posting questions or asking for suggestions, I did see the "dont ask which is best" rule, but what about more specific experience related posts? Such as "what are your experiences and thoughts regarding Zombie Strike blasters?" "What Rival blasters did you like most/least?" And as far as mod questions go, I'm more likely to search based on a problem and look for mods that fix that problem. If I cannot find an answer is "What mod do you suggest for *specific blaster* to help combat *specific problem*" an acceptable question to ask?

Also open any other suggestions or info that yall may think necessary to tell me, I wont take offense... i think lol


We used to get a lot of users asking "hey what's the best blaster?" or "hey what's the best pistol" or some variation. Not so much any more. To simplify your googling, the best modern dart blasters are:


  • Hammershot
  • Stryfe
  • Rapidstrike
  • Retaliator

With light mods needed for the stryfe/rapidstrike to really shine. Demolisher, evader, rapid red, etc. flywheel mag feds are acceptable too. Also anything Dart Zone, Adventure Force, or Zuru; especially the destroyer/reflex pistol.


The differences between elite darts, rivals, and mega are as follows:


  • Elite darts are widely available in third-party offerings, have a tremendous number of blasters that support them, and - when cut down to half-length and fired from a modded blaster - can be the longest range and most accurate available projectile in the hobby. That said, "long range" and "most accurate" are relative - hitting something at 100' is impressive, though range can pretty readily exceed that. Also note: You never should be buying nerf-brand darts. "Accufakes", waffles, and adventure force waffles are the best general purpose darts available right now, and can be had ~$40 per 1,000.
  • Rivals also have a large third-party base and a decent quantity of blasters available. Many of them are worthwhile, because the upside of Rivals is hitting good velocity OOTB. The downside is that the rivals loose range quickly so modding them isn't really worthwhile, and HIRs are expensive compared to darts. Max range is around 60'. With all the hopper fed options, HIRs are excellent at suppression fire, even against modded dart blasters, because they can maintain higher sustained rates of fire than darts (a dart user will usually carry no more than 180 darts ready in mags, there are stock Rival blasters that carry 200 and many have been expanded to more than that).
  • Mega have third party options, and are usually used as special rounds (especially shield breakers). They are liked by some but not widespread. Because they're heavier, the FPS (and thus range) tends to be lower but they should have greater accuracy because of their weight.

You should also note, conversions from heavier ammo to lighter darts are also frequent. Currently, converting a rival knockout to fire elites with a simple drop in barrel can yeild 180 FPS (nearly triple the stock velocity of most NERF brand dart blasters).