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Winter Bassett Creek War

06 November 2010 - 12:36 PM

So it's really hard to invite people to hang out with people they don't know, doing something they may not like, 30 minutes away in St. Paul. So I've decided to host a war in our neck of the woods so we can get more of our friends involved.
I'm planing to host it during winter so we can avoid the annoying frolfers that made games interesting last time.
Oh, and the reason no one could find the park is because google knows Basset Creek Park as "Jordan Area Park". Don't ask me why.
I'm still deciding on food but there are two McDonalds, two Subways, Taco Johns and a really good pizza place near by. Or we could go to one of our houses.

Date: Primary- January 8 Secondary- January 15 or 22
Location: Bassett Creek/Jordan Area Park, Crystal
From Highway 100:
Take 36th Ave. N Exit, take a left on Welcome Ave. Follow until you see the park. If you miss Welcome any of the next 3 streets on the left will take you to the park, then head back to Welcome.
From Highway 169:
Take 36th Ave. N. Exit, Follow 36th past Boone, Winetka, Douglas; Take a left on Welcome, if you hit 100 you've gone to far
Rules: Dress warm, Don't be a jerk
Games: Whatever people want to play, besides Team Deathmatch,
Nerf Bros +1?
Nerf Crazy

Deploy Flashlight Replacement

17 August 2010 - 06:42 PM

Yes, I know it's been done. But not to the Deploy, and not this cleanly. It's pretty easy, and a fun way to kill time. Some might right it off as a lame cosmetic mod but it does have a functional role beyond milsim lameness. I'll admit we have a major advantage over the majority of the nerfing community, we have a little chain of stores called Ax Man Surplus in the Twin City's area, where we can get supplies for ridiculously fair prices. The light I used set me back $3.50, most places that'd get you a one LED keychain light, but mine has nine and came with batteries. But if you have Harbor Freight Stores nearby I've seen coupons for free 7 LED lights there, and I saw a 2/$7 deal at Menard's recently on 7 LED lights, so keep your eyes open. Enough talk, onto the mod.
Supplies: (should mostly be obvious)
LED Flashlight with diameter 1 1/8" or less
Soldering Supplies
Craft foam
Wire (if you can't salvage the original)
1. Open up your deploy and remove the front clip assembly
2. Remove the Screws holding down the Battery and light assembly, pull apart the original light:
3. Dissect your flashlight. I start by cutting it at the seam line, then 1/8th of an inch from the front to remove the lens. I used a pliers to remove the shiny silver piece, and then the Printed Circuit Board with the LEDs on it could be worked out the back.
Posted Image
What you need to retrieve:
Posted Image
4. Take that assembly and wrap it in craft foam. Then hotglue it into the original lens:
Posted Image
5. Now the fun part- wiring. I tried to salvage the original wiring but failed at striping it. If you payed attention it should be obvious, but here's a diagram for reference
Closeup of battery box and light:
Posted Image
Posted Image
My little bro did the soldering, but now I understand it better and could do it next time.
Test it and put it back together. And your done! yah!
Posted Image
Posted Image
But that really doesn't show the awesome difference it makes. If I ever needed it in combat I actually could use it now.
Posted Image
Super Clean
Posted Image
Super awesome
Another reason to wonder why hasbro doesn't do it like this stock.

Spano 09 Recap

20 June 2009 - 06:26 PM

this war was awesome, lots of fun and some really Effeminate rounds.
I don't feel like saying much now, put it was a lot of fun besides Harry Beaver and Rork being sick. Guns worked well, broken guns fixable, and my new nightfinder arrived so I can start making it Effeminate.
So yah, post whatever, pictures, etc.

Great Idea

18 January 2009 - 04:22 PM

Looking at DeceitfulSteve's extra spring mod 4 the recon i wondered... could i do something like that with a long shot? maybe extend the plunger tube? idk thought it might add a lot of range if done right.



Gun Range Question

14 January 2009 - 10:04 PM

K so I've been looking though Angels mod directory, and am thinking. What air guns out there can get 75-100 feet with easy mods and still be fully legal? A lot of people just say "Range is like an AT2k"... Stock? Highly modded? Whatever. Should I stick with an AT#k? I've heard they can almost reach 100ft. But would an SM5k be a good choice? I've heard it can get these ranges, but are much rarer.