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The Off-topic Section

23 September 2009 - 05:31 PM

I've noticed that the off-topic section tends to have at least a third of it's topics closed. It seems that the "nothing retarded policy" could work in an ideological vacuum of sorts (where everybody thinks the exact same way), but has not been helpful as a guidelines for preventing bad topics.

I was just thinking, it would save the moderators a ton of time if we just had some actual written guidelines for off-topic. Just a topic by a moderator, which would be closed before people could post and argue about it. While not everyone would read it, it might be a helpful sticky in the off-topic board. Hell, the way I see it, it takes up less than a half hour or so to write up, and may very well save the moderation staff some serious time.

The reason why I'm posting this in a thread rather than just pming an admin, is it might be good to hear a little bit of feedback. But, by all means, close the thing if it gets out of hand (or becomes "retarded").

Wii Recreational Group

24 June 2009 - 10:23 PM

NOTICE: I have given RedHead, the sexiest man in the world, permission to use my account in order to update this thread, as I will be out of town the 8th through the 28th. He is trustworthy, attractive, smart, has an awesome body, pimpalicious, and has experience with these types of threads. Best guy for the Job!

This post was edited by RedHead on July 3rd, 2009 at 6:31 P.M.

There have been multiple "Wii Friend codes" threads, but none of them ever got off the ground. Let's see whether or not we can do it. Go ahead and post your friend codes for whatever game you want. If you see some changes that should be made to this thread, PM me. I will update this list with users and their friend codes on a regular basis.

There is a massive amount of games with Wifi for the Wii. (Well, maybe not "massive", but a good amount). So, I will add games to the list as people post the friend codes for them.

Foamfoot - 4984-2633-8517 (Thursdays at 9PM PST, no friend codes, go to "Free battle" and "World", and please just post your onslaught alias in this thread before playing during the game night)

RedHead - 5327-7746-6377 (Join us for some Brawl action, Fridays 7-10PM PST)
Foamfoot - 4554-1859-1210
RVMVTVProductions - 0173-2960-0467
CaliforniaPants - 1333-3885-0713
m14 - 0903-2547-5246
Captain - 3179-7735-8505
MegaMoose - 1461-5926-7113
GoldHawk - 0516-7036-9717
Koree - 5155-2734-6567

Wii Number:
Foamfoot - 7095-7030-3460-1338
pheonix - 6966-6142-6927-1645

Guitar Hero III:
Foamfoot - 1375-8665-0682

Animal Crossing:
Foamfoot - 0388-2287-0849 Town: Bisville, Player: Bob
Echnalaid - 4855-0993-3858 Datrium Player: Jil

Medal of Honor Heroes 2:
Foamfoot - Foamfoot

Brawl Night!
July 18th, 2009
I'm not positively correct, but Apollo may be going up to the NorCal war next Friday, so it may just be RedHead and Overlord. Please RSVP is you want to play, it makes things alot easier. I hope that everyone can make it!

What... The... Fuck...

25 February 2009 - 03:35 AM

EDIT: I'm sorry, this was a mistake, and should not have been posted.

That's right, after a few weeks of absence, I am back. I needed a quick break. Turns out, all I needed to do was find out that Simon and Garfunkel were the SHIT, and I would've been fine. I've missed you guys. Really. When I left, I was kinda getting a reputation as Nerfhaven's emo, so now that I'm back, I'm going to take that and run with it. I'm sorry I've been a little bit of an asshole in the chat. Anyway, that was really arrogant. I bet most of you have no idea who I am. I'm Foamfoot. I joined sometime over the summer of last year. I have been gone for a couple of weeks.

Now the reason I bring this all up, is not to boost my ego or anything like that. No, I planned to go straight back to posting, just like normal, without any mention of my very short absence. But... did I miss something? Did Uin13 make a hit TV show about a guy and a girl who just want love? Where are all the shitty threads coming from? The TOP three threads in the off topic section are closed, for good reason, and they are all made by different people. WTF? And the General Nerf section? HOLY SHIT. I don't even need to put in text what is wrong with the threads up in there now.

This isn't even barely the topics. Mods, Homemades, Wars, they are all still great as far as topics and beginning posts in a topic go. But what about posts? What about where a thread eventually goes? Examples:

That is such an old gun why bother putting it in here?

P.S. stop it with the grammar stuff if you guys wanna be critics go into the movie buisness (i spelled that wrong i know it).

(When it was clearly noted in the post)

thats pretty cool but why does the company need that many guns?

sad to say, but this has FAIL all over it.

Now, let us look at each statement individually.

One: Has a joke that is more annoying than replacing your alarm clock with a siren (Irony). Also, OH MY GOD I hope his statement isn't the future of the NIC. And yeah, horrible grammar, what evs.
Two: As stated, it was very clearly noted in the post.
Three: That was the entire post. There is no explanation whatsoever of why it has fail "written all over it". We have no idea what is wrong. Either this is simply a restatement of what has already been said, or it provides no actual constructive thoughts.

Look, I want to make something clear. I am not backseat moderating, saying that anything needs to be done, or complaining for kicks. There has just been such a HUGE, and very sudden influx of noobishness recently. I am just wondering, did I miss something?

What the hell happened?

Time To Get In The Spirit (2008)

09 December 2008 - 01:06 AM

Hey everyone! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy other Holidays!

Edit: I appreciate the comments, but let's try to get some pictures up! (comments are ok too) Post your lights! Post your Decor! Show us your menorah! (that sounds dirty) Post your holiday plans here! Weeeeeeee!

This is both a picture and tell what you're doing thread.

Ok, to start off, here is the format for Holiday Decor Picture Posting
(please note that you can switch these around if you'd like)

Also, because I didn't want to start another new thread, what are you guys doing for the holidays this year?
I'll start it off:

I Don't really have a ton done yet, just got my aluminum tree and my foresty tree.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Still got this much more stuff to put up:
Posted Image
Posted Image

Can't forget the Christmas Tab!
Posted Image
I'm doing pretty much nothing, probably opening presents, and sneaking eggnog. Hohoho...

My New Promotional Project

17 November 2008 - 01:23 AM


This is the first piece of my multimedia project... It's Different. "It's Different" is all about how Nerfing, as a sport is different. This is my contribution to this community as a whole. It will include multiple Zazzle and Cafepress items, new modifications that will have as much publicity as I can possibly get for them, a Comic Series (inspired by DBF, but not a rip-off), development of new Nerfing network in the northwest, artwork, multiple Nerfing Wars, a printed guide to Nerfing, possibly a contest, and (hopefully) a documentary.

All of these will be free (except the Zazzle and Cafepress stuff), and will belong to the public domain. You may use my pictures anywhere you want, and you will be able to download the movie (if it happens) for free. Nothing here will be my intellectual property (unless stated), none of it will bear the word "Nerf" to avoid trademark issues. I believe Nerfing as an adjective is ok, correct me if I'm wrong.

This is purely a humanitarian project, it is a gift to the community, and will hopefully be from all of you, not just me. This is mainly about getting more people to Nerf. Years ago, we were asked to "Get out and Nerf" Now I'm asking you to "Get out and get someone else to Nerf".