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Pantz-off... Is Canceled

23 August 2009 - 01:56 AM

Alright people, our great comrade of the North, California Pants, is coming into town the weekend of September 5th. And since we're Nerfers, well, we'll be having a Nerf war in celebration.

Note: I know this war is like a week after Anthonys and 2 weeks before Sorrows, but this is California Pant's only weekend off, so of course we had to Nerf. I expect it to be a small war, so don't freak if you can't come. But then again... Pants will be there, so I would try to make it, cause, well, you know, it's fucking Pantz, he's amazing.

Pant's Nerf Off (Or just Pantz-Off)

When: September 5th, 2009

Serfas State Park
Corona, California
Moved so that teh BagHead may attend.

-Bring your own darts.
-Eye protection is a must.
-No homemade blasters excluding the Plusbow.
-Don't be a douchebag.

Banned Guns:
-Singled 4B's if the pump is plugged
-Singled Titans
-Singled Spy Gear Signal Launchers
-Jobars or Cobras

Swords are allowed, and Duels may be called if fought by Mashoonga Standards.

-Teh Overlord
-ChefDave +1

War is Canceled due to California Pants being unable to make it...


G-town Skirmish

14 April 2009 - 10:38 PM

When: Saturday, April 25th, 10:00-5:00ish. (Or whenever we get tired)

Morning Half
Sellers Elementary School
500 N. Loraine Ave.
Glendora, CA‎ 91741
Park in the back of the parking lot, then find the gate in the fence (I'll mark it with tape) and lug your stuff over to the picnic tables near the hallway. (Same place as Christmas LANO)

Afternoon Half
Glendora High School
1600 E Foothill Blvd.
Glendora, CA‎ 91741
Park in the parking lot near the Tennis Courts located on Foothill Blvd, then we will take our stuff to the main corridor between all of the buildings. (Again, same as Christmas LANO)

Who: Everyone

-Bring your own darts. If you don't, you'll be using my 1 foot long pool-noodle knife and you won't have a good time.
-Eye protection is a must.
-No homemade blasters excluding the Plusbow.
-Don't be a douchebag.

Banned Guns:
-Singled 4B's if the pump is plugged
-Singled Titans
-Singled Spy Gear Signal Launchers

This isn't gonna be a huge war; probably 12 people or so. The games will be normal, Team Deathmatch, CTF, etc...

I don't believe we'll have a night portion, but if you guys want to, I'll do it.
Soooo... yah...
Glendora war...
Awesome stuff...

Peeps who are coming :ph34r:
-RedHead +1
-Raw Shrimp
-The Holy Overlord Of The Mancave
-Sage +1-3

Peeps who might come and are lame if they don't

Peeps who are lame for not coming :(

Peeps who can't come but are not lame :) :(

See ya there!

My Lbb Plays Music!

12 January 2009 - 06:32 PM

I got bored, so this happened last night...

It's a Blast Bazooka, but with a little tab on the bottom of the handle. What could possibly happen when you pull on this magical little device? "Can't Touch This" starts playing! Let me explain...

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Okay, ya know those greeting cards that when you open them up, music starts playing? Well, I found a card the plays "Can't touch this" and sliced it open. There are two main parts: The circuit-board and the speaker. What makes that card start playing when you open it up is a little tab that when you pull down on it, a small strip of paper between 2 pieces of metal is pulled away, completing a circuit and starting the song. I dremeled out the plastic on the inside of the handle to allow room for the speaker and circuit-board and also dremeled a little hole in the bottom of the handle for the tab to go through, then hot glued the circuit-board in, with the tab facing out, and placed the speaker on top (Also hot glued in). After that I put the gun back together and dremeled a hole over the speaker so the sound wouldn't be so muffled, then covered the hole with a thin wall of E-Tape. Finally I cut a little slit into a strip of E-tape and placed it over the white tab, to make it look a little less messy.

So now when you pull on the little tab, about 45 seconds of M.C. Hammer plays through the gun, which I think is Effeminate.
Hope ya like it!

P.S. I apologize for accidentally hitting the "Post Thread" button, sorry for any confusion, nooby mistake.
(I hit the "post topic" button accidentally before I was done writing this, for those who didn't know.)