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Stupid Question...

27 December 2004 - 11:52 PM

I've heard people talking about a titan and a scout gun... can anyone tell me what this are? Pictures would help.


15 December 2004 - 10:51 PM

Hey guys!! Guess who's back? Not really but I've got *BIG* news! I got *accepted* to Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University). I applied early decision. First choice and only school I applied too, and it's binding so I have to go there. I'm really excited and I can't wait until next fall.

Anwaysy... that's my big news, and because of that I may be selling most of my nerf stuff (yes... sadly that might mean leaving nerf once and for all). However I might start a club or something with it at VT, so no one is getting my LnL or other choice guns. Those babies are mine... <_<

Yard Sales

26 June 2004 - 10:45 PM

I didn't go to any yard sales today, 'cause I was to lazy, but my dad went and he got me five new guns. He paid like three bucks for all of them. I got a PowerClip, a SuperMaxx350, an original Ballzooka, a Lightening Blitz, and an Eagel Eye. I saw the Lightening Blitz and Eagel Eye and was rather happy. I have two PowerClips already, so that wasn't that exciting. Also I was wanting another SuperMaxx250/350, so that was nice.

But anyways, tell of any good stuff y'all have found at yard sales.


25 June 2004 - 11:13 AM

I was just wondering how to make a good holster. I'd like to make one for my LnL and maybe one for my Switch Shots Super. Also been thinking about something for my PowerClip, a carrying strap or something.

Virginia War

23 June 2004 - 10:28 AM

Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting a war together down here in Lexington. It would probably be late July to early August. If you have anyway of getting here that would be great. Just let me know and we can try to work things out.