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In Topic: Crossfire Mod

28 January 2006 - 09:35 PM

I saw a crossfire at TRU today...and I was a little pissed because (unless I'm completely wrong) you can't see the gun, only the box...the actual gun is hidden from view. That's not horribly bad, but I certainly didn't expect it to be that small.

Congratulations on your mod...those are some pretty good ranges. Makes me think that I should try some 17/32" brass with some nitefinders.

Based on your experience with this gun, how workable do you think a spring replacement would be? I have no clue if it would actually work, but I now have 2 'new' nitefinder springs, which at first glance look to be stronger than the spring in your pictures. But I've never replaced a spring on a top-cocking gun, so someone will have to tell me if it's even possible.

In Topic: Home Made Crossbow?

24 January 2006 - 09:30 PM

I have personally seen these in action, and they are pretty good. He also makes a double crossbow of similar design.


I found that page a few times googling LARP crossbows (hoping to find homemade crossbow pics or a how-to)...while I've heard from a friend who's seen one that they're very good, I'm still not wanting to pay 130$ for one. For those out there who LARP, it looks like this:
Longsword+Wooden Shield+Leather Armor/Garb= no more than 25$ if you make the stuff yourself (I've made plenty)
Crossbow= $130
LARPing is a 'cheaper' hobby, like nerfing, so paying for a crossbow is kind of a leap (though, if you're in a game that uses more authentic armor, you might be shelling out 250$ for chainmail and stuffs).

As for a homemade crossbow, I think that it would cost only ~10-20$ if you are willing to sacrifice the 'realistic' look for a surgical-tubing-and-PVC incarnation with some brown duct tape. So if you have something like that, or ideas, just PM me.

Again, Admins, I'm not sure about this tangent, especially on a nerfing board. So if you have any problems, speak up, I don't mean to cause trouble.

In Topic: Home Made Crossbow?

22 January 2006 - 11:18 PM

On the Nerf crossbow idea, I don't think it's too hard. Boltsniper has proved that you can make a homemade springer (the GNS). You can always buy a spring just as heavy as the real nerf Crossbow's. So it shouldn't be too hard. My current quest is seeing how well some reinforced nitefinders hold up with some heavy springs I saw at the hardware store...I'm almost positive that something will snap, and whatever goes first is what I will want to focus on with the complete homemade version.

I have made a crossbow for padded wepons combet before, it has a #25 draw and shoots real bolts that have been padded. Are you wanting to do something like that? If so I can help you out.

I know it's a little off-topic, but I've also been thinking about that. For my game, I'm just using padded homemade arrows on a 30-draw fiberglass bow. If you have a picture of your crossbow I'd love to see it.

In Topic: Chronicle Of An F.a.r.

19 January 2006 - 07:27 PM

This is the back section of the Upper reciever. There is a front section connected with the T-coupler also. Or I will plastic Epoxy another end to it, for easier cutting and dremeling.

In mine, I'm boring out the two T-couplers to fit over one 27" segment of PVC, and then dremeling out the slots after I've slid the couplers over. I never thought to do it the other way, but sounds good.

As far as the realistic paint jobs, I still like the black color scheme used in all of boltsniper's weapons (that I know of). If you call that a color scheme. I use Krylon Fusion black on most of my weapons. Keep in mind that all of my wars are on private property away from the public, hundreds of feet from any roads even.

In Topic: Chronicle Of An F.a.r.

17 January 2006 - 10:54 PM

Cool! I'm also just starting my own FAR, though I haven't gotten past the point of no return (as in, I'm not sure right now that I'll get from start to finish with it...if you've ever started a really extensive project, you know the feeling). In my opinion, the more info out there on the FAR, the better. I'm still a little curious about how the mag is held in, as well as how to build the ejector part of the bolt, so I'm really looking forward to your ideas. Sometimes it seems like Boltsniper is just so many miles ahead of me that the FAR looks impossible, so seeing someone more down-to-earth really helps.

I look forward to future entries!

Also, I'm a little confused about this pic you posted:
Posted Image
I kind of see the part that holds back (like you said)...but isn't that just a 'hole' cut out of the Upper Reciever? And isn't the Upper Reciever 27 inches long? Looks a little short...could you explain?