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The Red Star Breech

31 January 2009 - 10:11 PM

Alright, So Due to some requests I'll be posting a Write up for my Breech on my Big Rad Bow Dubbed Red Star Breech.

So what you'll need:
Posted Image
1/2 CPVC about 5-6 inches
3/4 CPVC about 4-5 inches
Pipe Cutter
1/2 - 3-4 Coupler
1/2 coupler

Alright so here's the project:
Posted Image
What you'll need to do is get about 5 inches of 3/4 inch Cpvc,
Create a Box such like this: about 1/2 inch above the bottom of the pipe.
Posted Image
Cut that out with a Dremel/Hacksaw
Add that 1/2-3/4 Coupler to the bottom of the pipe you just cut like this:
Posted Image
Now take your other pipe and whatever length you cut your 3/4 pipe at add 1 inch to it and cut like so
Posted Image
Add E-tape in Different places to create Tight seals.( This is not needed, You only Need a layer at the bottom to create a seal.) Like so:
Posted Image
Throw that onto your BBB you just modded or any other 1/2 CPVC'd modded gun and you will be ready to Nerf another day!

Post any questions that you have!

Red Star's Big Rad Bow

31 January 2009 - 09:10 PM

Alright So here it is.
What I'll be introducing is my Big "Rad" Bow.

What you'll need:
Posted Image
Posted Image
1/2 inch CPVC
Pipe Cutters
And of course your BBB.

Here it is. (I forgot to take pictures before)
Posted Image
Open it up:
Posted Image
Here are the internals:
This is your main part of operation.
Posted Image
No picture: but your going to want to cut the orange barrel to about 1-2 inches
Remove the AR.

Cut a 3-4 inch piece of your CPVC and Shove it down your orange barrel.
I suggest keeping this piece in:
Posted Image
Without it it will knock around the CPVC, Due to it's position being here:
Posted Image
Now I haven't mentioned my RS Breech, I'll do a Write-up on how to make one of these babies if wanted.
Posted Image
Here are the springs: I added a Recon and an Industrial nightfinder spring.
Posted Image
Screw it back up. and here it is! You are now capable of hitting 90 feet accurately.
Posted Image

February Oregon War

20 January 2009 - 07:04 PM

Well, Following that fail of a war on the 10th. I will be personally hosting this war, Here are some brief notes: I have no idea where to Nerf at, or what time. So bare with me.
When: February 13th or 14th
Location: Tba
Rules:Basic Rules, I'll exempt any guns I feel aren't necessary.

Lunch: Well, I work at a Domino's so I'd probably be able to make some Pizza's. Depending on the location, We could find somewhere to eat.

Expectations: Honestly, Just be Kind. All I ask, Pretty much anyone can come.
Also If you have any suggestions/questions Pm me or Email me at mike_urie@hotmail.com

What I'm hoping: A Large turnout, Hopefully buying some guns, Maybe some on-hand modding/painting, Meeting some of you in person, And having an all-out better organized Nerf War than "him" (we will remain unnamed =p) So comment with some feed back on what I can do to fix either the war or the topic at least.
Live long, Nerf Strong!(did I just make that up?)
-Red Star

Expected to come:
Red Star +2 or 3

Flaming Hilt

Verizon Cell Phone Users

22 August 2008 - 05:10 PM

Hey,I've been getting complaints(I help out at Verizon Store),About getting a random phone call from a number with a 206 area code. Is this a problem for anyone else outside of Oregon?
We might have to mess with some servers,If it's a constant problem.
But whatever you do, Don't press "1" on the key-pad,We aren't sure what this does but we are pretty sure it's a scam.
Thank you all for your help with this problem. Hopefully we can get it under control.


EDIT: Details about the call seem to be they are from the "Credit Union" and are stating your card has been canceled. I myself got the call and Found it odd seeing I don't use Credit Union.

EDIT#2: The Number seems to be the same for all cases,And thats 206-857.

Buying From Wal-mart.com

20 August 2008 - 06:21 PM

Alright heres my story(Shortened,So grammar will be impaired ),I asked mum to order vulcan,she says tomorrow,Next day vulcans sold out,looked on target-Preorder arrive 9/17,Don't like it,Order from Wal-Mart.com Free shipping and Arrive "ON OR AROUND 8/18", Alright I'll start talking normally.
It is now the 20th,And hasn't showed yet. I was wondering If anyone else has Ordered from Wal-mart.com and if so, you got your package on time.
When I think On or around 8/18 I think 8/17,8/18, or 8/19. Am I wrong to think this?
Also, The wal-mart got vulcans in stock 8/17 I'm thinking about canceling the order and buying from wal-mart. But My mum says I should just wait it out, I figure It's my money right?
Also, Its about 4:30 What time would you suppose a package such as this arrive?
B) Alright Thanks in advance.