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Deckel Rifle

07 February 2010 - 10:45 PM

Deckel (Dachshund) Rifle
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One of the easier homemades that is still able to become a respectable primary. It only uses commonly found materials and simply handyman tools, and it's cheap to make.

Time required: 4 hours
Total Cost: ~$20


- 3ft length of 2x4 Canadian pine = $3
- 2.5ft length of 1.5" ABS = $3
- PVC coupler = $1
- 2ft of 1/2" CPVC = $3
- CPVC TEE = $.49
- Assorted screws = $3
- Zip-ties = $2
- Wire coat Hanger = Dry Cleaning

Tools needed: (more can be used)

- Saw
- Drill & bits
- Sandpaper
- Pliers

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Link to Suggested Plunger Head instructions

The First Look At The Tetrastrike

24 January 2010 - 12:20 AM


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More info to follow

Stefan Compatible Raider Drum Clip

11 December 2009 - 09:22 AM

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Tools needed:
-Rotory Tool (cutting tool, and sanding drum)
- ~ 30 1" stefans Blanks
- Hotglue gun and glue
-(optional) Electrical Tape

Step 1
Open the Drum

Step 2
See this pin
Posted Image
Remove it and take out the the internals

Step 3
Use the usual way to open the N-strike clips
Posted Image

Step 3
Just in modding N-strike clips, put in a rail at this point as well as the other half. Also take off the bottom right section of the clip that is shown missing in the picture
Posted Image

Step 4
Take your Rotory tool with the sanding drum on a low speed (it will allow the plastic to melt but not fly off), and sand back the black follower piece until it is able to slide smoothly
Posted Image

Step 5
Now take one of the stefans blanks, and hot glue it to the side of the spindle that is towards the solid side. Rinse and repeat for every slot that the follower doesn't occupy.
Posted Image

Step 6
Hold the spindle ~6 inches above the lighter to make the foam melt a bit
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Optional Step
Put E-tape over top of the blanks
Posted Image
Posted Image

Step 7
Re-install all of the internals
Posted Image

Step 8
Mirror the locking slot on the right to the left and remove the little nub on the bottom of the clip
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Posted Image

Bfg Hill

11 October 2009 - 03:00 PM


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Where: Veteran's hill, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
dPosted Image

When: 10AM to ~5PM November 14th 2009

Location Factors:

-15min from Hwy 400
-20min from Vaughan mills
-Fast food locations nearby
-Free street parking

Banned Guns:

-Plugged Singled BBBBs LBBs, and Signal Launchers
-Titans (singled, shotty shells of +3 barrels are alright as long as the pump is not plugged)
-Homemade Air guns
-Anything without some sort of silly colour to identify it as a toy (you want to use said gun, I have a Pink spray paint on hand)

-A primary
-A spring pistol
-50 darts minimum
-Mandatory Eye protection
-A lunch or lunch money
-Appropriate clothing

Field Supervisors:


Possible Gametypes:

-3:15 Deathmatch
-2 flag CTF
-War of 1812
-Players Choice (vote on a game)

War of 1812 Gameplay:

This re-enacts the musket-age of firearms, suiting to the location, it's a memorial hill to those who have fallen

Feel free to bring parts, materials, or guns to sell.

PM me if you would like to recieve my cell # in case you need any direction help



I would prefer if you could post on Canadian_Nerfers but whatever

Has Anyone Seen Or Used This Gun?

09 October 2009 - 07:11 AM

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