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Guitar Effects Pedal.

02 March 2009 - 10:28 AM

Ok, i have started to get into techno, hugely. But; I play guitar. So I want to know what a good Techno foot pedal is. I want my guitar to sound like pendulum or Daft punk. So quite high pitch. I'm not sure about octave pedals. Persuade me. :)
If you need me to describe more. I will Try.


19 December 2008 - 10:59 AM

Ok guys, i have been noticing that many people ( everyone) has a next gen console(PS3 Xbox 360 and wii) on here. So i am here to help people get more contacts to play with or meet up or see reveiws of peoples consoles.
I am not trying to start a console war, as i have included all three.

Here is my own.
Console: -Playstation 3 and Wii-
Username/s: Natbeanz on PS3 not sure on Wii
Games: PS3: Skate, COD4, Assassins creed, Burnout Paradise, Little Big planet, Naruto ultimate ninja storm, force unleased, dynasty warriors and Tom clansy ghost recon.
Wii: Zelda twilight princess, Marrior strikers charged football, wii play , wii fit. and others i can't think of.
How active you are: Once a day or more
Like your console?: -PS3 : yes Wii: Not so much anymore -
Why you like it On my PS3 i like the graphics and accesibility. I like the motion sensing on the wii
Faults PS3: gliches sometimes and you have to restart it.
Wii: Graphics are horrible in my opinion.

Now its your turn. Please use the code, just makes everything easier for people if they want to add you or if they want your opinion on the console.
[b]Console:[/b] -Playstation 3/Xbox360/Wii-
[b]How active you are:[/b] Once a day or more/ Once a week/Once a month/ Once a year
[b]Like your console?:[/b]
[b]Why you like it[/b]
[b]Faults:[/b]- MUST name a fault-

Thanks for reading.
PS: If there is any faults in my text, please pm me. Dont just send text saying what i did wrong. If you do want to give me a phat block of text you can. Just make sure you use the code -_-.

Best Spring For Lock 'n Load

04 October 2008 - 08:06 AM

So, i replaced the barrel on my Lock 'n Load and it was getting alright range (without bungees or elastic bands ). But the pathetic spring that nerf put in it doesnt make it get the good range that springers should get . So i want everybodys opinion, What is the best spring that you can put into a Lock 'n Load?
May it be an industrial or spring from another gun, I still want to know. I was thinking a combo of a Nitefinder and strikefire/crossfire (in Engalnd we call it strikefire it says on the box).


03 September 2008 - 04:49 PM

In the United Kingdom CPVC is extremly rare .You cannot buy them from any shop. So me and my friend are into modding but we need cpvc . I need help seeing i have never delt with cpvc. Is this website selling the right type of cpvc or is it somthing completly different.
All feedback is Appreciated



(Put under modifications because it is used for barreling material)

How To Paint Nerf Guns.

15 August 2008 - 03:07 PM

Hello, I have realised that many people do not know how to paint Nerf guns so i am going going to help you.

Things you will need
The Nerf gun you are painting
The colour/s
Primer (make as similer to the paint you are using especially on high friction places)
Purity Seal
Masking tape/Teflon tape

First unscrew your gun
and lay them like so
Posted Image

Then put primer all over the gun
Posted Image
Add a couple of coats then

then if you are doing 2 or more colours mask all the smaller parts you are paint
and paint the larger parts first .

I coverd (forgotten how to spell :blink: ) up the handle because that is smaller
Posted Image

Then start painting (do in in strokes .Spray with hand hovering over the gun while moving to side . eg: hand moves from left to right then stop spraying then go back and do it again.
Posted Image

Then keep on doing it untill its the right colour

wait to dry

Mask up the bit you just painted and start painting the next part

when it is dry hand paint any imperfections then spray a generous amount of Purity Seal all over the gun
wait to dry
Then screw your gun up and tadaa you just painted your gun

My result
Posted Image

Any questions ? Dont be hesitant to ask