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Re: Spring Replacement

03 August 2005 - 07:58 PM

That was the corniest description ever.

Anyway, I've just got two NF ex-3s, and restrictor modded one to get a very noticeable result. I'm interested in doing further work with this. I hear the spring isn't as good with this as it is with the original NF, so I'd like to replace it.

This makes me want to replace the spring in my mav as well..however I don't know specifics/basics regarding spring modding. I've read about foam spacers, stretching, and replacement, but can find no tutorial for the n00b that explains the method and function of these mods...and yea, I used the search function:)

Is there anyone willing to help me understand this?

And is there a specific method to finding a replacement spring, or should I just buy a bunch of similar looking ones and try them? How do I know that the spring I'm buying is stronger?

Rf 20 Bladder/tubing Mod - Idea By Euphemism

29 July 2005 - 06:54 AM

The following link is the tubing available at the Depot


I'd like better range out of my RF 20....in order to do that, I'd need to inner tube/rubber band the bladder...resulting in higher pressure that might damage the stock tubing. So I wanna replace the tubing with something in that link up there....

I dunno the diameter just yet, so i need to check it...but does this sound feasible? Has anyone ever done/tried this?

Thanks all!!

Help With Mav Air Restrictor Mod?

27 July 2005 - 08:02 PM

So I'm using the following as a base for my mod:


And I've gotten good at taking it all apart...

I've tried this three times (same gun) and the results get worse and worse. I interpret the instructions as saying "remove the air restrictors" (3 prong dealies, springs, and discs are ALL omitted) and glue around the edges of the inner barrel, then reconstruct the entire clip and let it dry.

I did this the first time...carefully applying a good amount ofglue to prevent spillage; of the three darts that left the barrel, only one went further than 5 feet....stock performance beat it easily

2nd time. I applied far less glue (but enough to seemingly seal the inner barrels) and then reconstructed...this time, one shot left the clip, and it only went 10 feet or so.

3rd time. Applied a shizknight load of glue, not caring for clogging...just quickly so that I could get the cylinder set before the glue dried.

No darts came out this time....matter of fact, I could barely get most of them in due to clogging in the barrel

Between these tries, I removed the glue (lucky it peels off) and tried again.

Has anyone successfully done this? Should I still be using any part of the orange air restrictor pieces? Should I use more glue? Less? I'm glad I didnt throw any extra pieces away yet...I might have to go back to stock...


New To Nerf, Rf 20 Query!

26 July 2005 - 08:07 AM

Hey all! I've just gotten into Nerf...I've got a Mav and an RF 20 so far. I'm gonna mod the mav clip to swing out further, but first I'm going to adjust my RF.

I was looking at an interchangable clip/increase range mod...I don't want to mess with the turret, but I am interested in range.

To increase the range, the instructions say to remove the bladder (by repeated pumping) and then put a piece of a bike inner tube over it.

I'm sure this would work, but in order to get better/more inventive with modding, it's important to me to know WHY this will achieve better range....also, I assume that the bladder needs to be replaced, but I digress.

My tools so far are screw drivers (various sizes and makes) and a cordless drill. I'm gonna need to get a hot glue gun and dremel at some point....but till then, I'm stuck to simple mods like this one (no new barrels, no franken guns).

Any advice on this or other mods?