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Singling Or Breeching.

10 August 2008 - 05:23 PM

Ok, so i just got my first longshot yesterday and i do like it. Ranges suck terribly. (talk about contradiction!)

I have just an AR removal with a NF spring addition. I tried the BBB and a bunch of other spring options but they are either to harf to cock or to weak. I tried a copper barrel mod but that did nothing. Took it out and im back to basics.

I really want to single it and give the clips to my afamed recon. Then again a massive high range clip fed rifle sounds great, but i don't have supplies or money.

I have all the supplies i need for the singling, is that a calling or what?

So i have 1/2 inch CPVC, PVC, and copper. and about a foot of 9/16 brass. I also have some PEX pipe, it's like a combination between PETG and CPVC.

Any ideas? or should i go ahead and respond to my calling and single it.


Nova's Recon Mod.

09 August 2008 - 01:01 PM

Ok here we go,
First thread and first write-up.
I planned to do a recon write up as soon as i was validated so i finally got to it.

All the pictures can be viewed in a larger format simply by clicking on them.(Jeez, that sounds nerdy!)

Heres what you need:
1-tube of Epoxy putty.
1-5" length of 1" PVC
1-set of springs, your choice of strength and length.
1-device to cut PVC
A set of various scredrivers.

First start out by unscrewing al the screws. Shown below.
Posted Image
Ok, once thats done you'll see the insides they should look similar to this, minus the tape and paint.
Posted Image

You want to start out by doing a basic AR removal. Many other threads on the Modification directory can help you with this. After that your plunger tube should have a clean hole through it. Like so.
Posted Image

Ok now here is the main source of power in this gun. The power stock. Take a 6" length of PVC and nest it in the stock using Epoxy putty. Before you do that you'll evidently have to move that thing in the middle that holds the clip back. If you look in the below picture you'll see it has been slid back, its there, its just painted black. when you unscrew you'll see a peg that holds the piece in place, cut it off and sand the nub down. Now it wil slide along the stock. You want to glue all the way back on the stock, as far as it can slide.

Then make sure the tube is aligned with the stock and epoxy putty it into place. I used E-tape to secure a little bit more.
Posted Image

Ok now you will need some springs, there is a vast selection of springs that you can use, as long as they can compress fully in the pvc tube.
I use the two pictured below meshed together. Black spring is 4" long and the silver is 3".
Posted Image
Both springs put together are about the strength of a BBB srping, which also works in the tube.

Here they are resting in the tube.
Posted Image
Then just attach the stock with the springs in the tube.
When the plunger rod comes out the back of the gun the two springs compress adding more force apon the plunger rod.

I would post a picture of it all screwed back together but image shack is getting all pissy at me, Soon to come!

Ok Thats pretty much it.
Simple and practical.

All shots taken at shoulder height level, with modified streamlines.

Lowest: 70'4"

Highest: 83'3"

Ok, i hope you like it, i do.