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The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

11 September 2007 - 08:34 PM

I started my Drafting course this year out with having a research report on why I thought the Minneapolis bridge colapsed. As a class, we had to create a powerpoint presentation as well with pictures doncumenting the above possible causes. Because of many reasons, we got the presentation extended and have to now include a chart, graph, or, in this case, a poll will work. So, I was hoping to get at least some of the more respected or known members as well as any that feel free to join the poll to vote on what they think is why the bridge collapsed most likely collapsed. In my paper I used a selection of many reasons that, when combined, may have been the lead to collapsing the bridge. I am asking to, obviously since its a poll, pick one reason why your think the bridge collapsed. This is purely opinion. Feel free to post your opinion in here to further explain your ideas on the incident. Those that post your ideas and whatnot, I might choose your post to print and view to my class. If I choose your post, I will PM with a release agreement just saying that I am not steeling your idea, but simply sharing it. Onto the info!

So, I put 5 (6 including the 'Other' option) options up that my class found to be what may have led the bridge to its plunge into the Mississippi. The first, though funny, it's very possible, pigeon dung, was said by many resources to cause rusting and corrosion on the steel members and screws and other structural features. Yes, I laughed too when first hearing this, but my opinion was changed. Let alone big dung being corrosive and powerful, pigeon dung can be highly corrisive after going through the heat of the Minneapolis summer sun. But even more so when it goes through a process of baking in the sun and mixing with water and other compounds found in the air and in rain, and makes electrolytic salt. Pigeon poo alone is corrosive, but in this form, it strips paint off a car if you don't hit a good rain shower soon.

The next reason was also one of those "Yeah right...it's like blaming a fart for the air smelling just to cover yourself up". Global warming is the term that many articles are choosing to use for it. I called it extreme climate change or extreme weather. Apparently, as said by Minneapolis citizens, the first of August was a hot day like the past week or two had been. My reasoning, before I read the article, was that heat made the expansion joints close thus not allowing the bridge to move like most bridges need in order to function properly. After reading the article, I was right. But not the movement part. The joints closed to the point that the structural members that take tension away from the bridge couldn't take any more and the same to those of compression. On top of that, the concrete above said members to form the roadway had surpassed its rating for compression as well. So its potential to buckling and crumbling beneath the rush hour traffic was very high. This was, personnally, my pick of why the bridge actually fell on top of the others that weakened it and 'helped' it fall in the meantime.

Third, lack of maintenance. This theory goes so deep that the current President of the United States is at fault to some people. That thought goes about the fact that funding for maintenance on bridges in the U.S. was limited (quite obviously) thus, maintenance was not possible. But the actual lack of maintenance broke down to missing bolts, rusted members, slipping plates, and even the mesh gaurds to keep the pigeons out not being replaced after being broken into and corroded. This was my second pick of reasons to build off of.

The forth is poor infrustructure. The idea behind this was that with disregard to the lack of maintenance and only focusing on the rust, that the bridge just fell because it was so weak. It basically goes back to the maintenance since rust and corrosion can be treated after a while and even the pigeon dung, but if only over time the bridge rusted and caused it to fall. I didn't touch on that too much.

The last, besides the 'other' option, was the type of bridge or whatever was just not the right choice. Again, I didn't touch too much on that because there wasn't many resources or information on that idea. But the idea was that the bridge was designed in the year it was for that ammount of traffic and modifications needs to be made to take on the heavier load of the growing population.

These are all theories and opinions. Nothing is for sure yet. So, I ask for your help in this to get a good poll going to why you think the bridge went down. And if you choose other, please say what you think. I would greatly love to share with my structural class other ideas. Your ideas will be credited in our presentation if we plan to use it. Thank you in advance.

Saddam Exicuted

29 December 2006 - 10:56 PM

So, it was announced at 10:05 ET that Saddam Hussan was exicuted and was made official by Senior U.S. military officials.



12 October 2006 - 07:54 PM

Who all plays Travian?

Its a HTML based game.

Pretty fun actually. It can get annoying when you get 5 people attacking you all the time everyday.

Munchkin, The Card Game

05 August 2006 - 11:11 AM

Anyone played the semi-roleplaying card game, Munchkin or its sequels? I think the game is the best RPG I have ever played (as far as card games go). I'm not much of a RPG guy, I mostly stick to RPG mods on CSS and others like WoW, but thats not what the topic is about.

I actually just sent the guys at Steve Jackson Games a suggestion for another game. Nerf Munchkin. I referred them to look at what we do at this site and also nerfhq. I told them that it would be a lot like Star Munchkin if you all have played that. I have a huge amount of ideas. I need to go write them down really, but I just wanted to get your ideas and opinions and mostly to see if anyone knows the game period. I have seen that Nerf is really trying to get into the real world hear too, so I sent request and request to Mythbusters to see what they can do themselves, just to get it on the TV. Since they are starting a new season, I may send another request. Just trying to see this stuff in the real world kinda.

Happy New Year Guys!

01 January 2006 - 12:57 AM

Hope there isn't any new rules on holiday posts. It just seemed odd that no one posted yet. Oh well!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had fun and didn't get too waisted on the champain. Hehe, just kidding. Drive milk and drink safely :D ...and Nerf on!