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Clone Trooper Blaster With Vacuum Loading

18 November 2008 - 03:30 PM

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I've finally decided to do a write up. The gun you see above is what I will be working with.

1) Screw Driver
2) Electrical Tape
3) JB Weld
4) 1 Dremel with a 1/2" Sanding Drum Mandrel
5) Strong Scissors
6) Acrylic Tubing or whatever you want to use
7) Hack Saw (I used a miracle blade)

Okay, please don't bash me. I'm very new to this and I've been browsing around the site for a few months.
I didn't want to jump right into a write up for all my mods. So with that being said, lets get started.

First, you will need to remove all the screws in this gun.(Including the screw that's behind the blaster and holds the battery cover.
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On the very end of the blaster, you will find a circular orange piece. I simply pulled apart the blaster in opposite directions until the ends are free from this part.( Or you can cut it off)
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Here is a look of the internals:
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Take the plunger and remove the stock barrel. When you cut the barrel off, it should look like this:
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Now take your dremel and clean up the hole until your barrel fits. Remember you don't want your hole too loose or it will fall in the plunger. If it is, take some electrical tape and wrap your tube until it is snug enough so that it is tight and centered.

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Take your JB weld and spread it across the plunger and electric tape. The reason for that is to make sure it's
air tight. Now let the JB weld cure over night and wrap it with more tape.

Cut the unnecessary tube you have left over. Since I used 1" half inch arcrylic tubing I cut 9 and a half inches off.

Slightly stretch the spring. If you stretch it too, much it wont fit in the plunger tube and this mod will be useless.

Put the gun back together and before you screw it, make sure your cocking handle cocks the gun.(Trust me)

Tape the gun's front part with electrical tape so it won't come apart. I also taped the barrel tubing.
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Place a stefan slight'y in the barrel and cock it.

Be amazed. Ahahahaha.

Description of the blaster: http://nerfhq.com/wi...Trooper_Blaster

A VIDEO of it in action. http://s88.photobuck...nt=HPIM0645.flv