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My New Modded Nfs

01 March 2006 - 05:22 PM

Well, I got 2 nfs from Nerfreak recently, and I coupler modded one, and used a permanent barrel on the other one. I preferably wanted to do a coupler mod on one, but I didn't. I don't use a sidearm, so these guns are probably going to be used by my friends mostly. I also made one holster to fit both nfs, it is completly made from Black Wraths hoslter writeup. Thanks Black Wrath.

My nf, with permanet 3.5 inch cpvc barrel.
Posted Image

My nf with the holster
Posted Image

Couplered nf, with 4 inch cpvc barrel
Posted Image

After the reduction mod, there was a big hole, and I put some scoth brand putty to cover it, and around the coupler to ensure that it is sturdy.
Posted Image

I have another nf, and more materials, so I am hoping for any constructive critism, or comments, so I can decide what I do on my next nf.

At2k Coupler Mod

23 February 2006 - 08:06 PM

My sister finally got her camera working, so her is my first mod write up. Well, to start this is probably one of the easiest, and most efficient barrel mod. On NH, there is no at2k mod that involves a coupler or that is singled. This mod is nothing special, but I like it because it is easy, effective, cheap, and a good mod for all you newer nerfers who want to get into it. This mod has probably been done a million times but there is no write up for it so here it is.

To start here are the materials you will need:
- at2k
- hot Glue
- hacksaw/ good scissors/ dremel
- cpvc coupler
- 6-8 cpvc
- Screwdriver

First of all open the gun, and take out the turret, you won't need it.
Posted Image
Glue the coupler to the white top of the air chamber where the air comes out of the gun. It wont hurt if you put to much glue. In this case the more the better, and you could use epoxy or something but hot glue does the job for this mod.

Posted Image
Plug the pump now, with a dash of hot glue. It won't decrease your guns life much, and it will help in range.

Posted Image
Put all parts back together and it should look like the picture

Posted Image
Then, you will need to trim the case. Just trim the case enough, so that the case is not covering any part of the coupler, so that the barrel can go in nice and easy. For this job I just used scissors, it is easier and can suprisingly cut throught the plastic pretty good.

Posted Image
This is what your final gun should look like with the barrel in the coupler. This mod is great, and this coupler mod helps with its rof.

P.S - on the final picture, that is not my real barrel that is a foot long pipe of cpvc, I couldent find my 8 inch barrel. So use an 6-8 inch one for best results

ranges ( level shot)
- 91 Feet
- 96 Feet
- 101 Feet

I measured with a yard stick and rounded up.

Nba Thoughts

22 February 2006 - 08:08 PM

If anyone on NH follows basketball, I just wanted to see what your guys favorite players are, that currently play. Also your favorite team. I just am curious to see what your guys favorite teams and players are. I don't know if this thread will go anywhere since I do not know if anyone follows basketball, but what ever maybe everyone does.

To start off, my favorite players are Tracy Mcgrady and Steve Francis.

P.S.- Steve Francis has been traded onto the New York Knicks. They are fricking stacked now, they have:
- Stephon Marbury
- Steve Francis
- Jalen Rose
- Jamal Crawford
- Nate Robinson
- Quentin Richardson
- Eddy Curry
And thats just off the top of my head, so to conclude they are my favorite team as of now.

Nf In A New Color Scheme

06 January 2006 - 10:42 PM

Here is a nf in its new color scheme. Pretty sweet, I like a little better than the old nf color scheme. This might be old news, and is already posted on Nerfhq. Just wanted to post it anyways, since some people porbably haven't seen it yet.
Posted Image

Removing Pegs On The Bf

12 August 2005 - 08:59 AM

I plan on moddding my blastfire with brass once I get it, and is it possible to take the pegs out without opening the gun just by pliers, or do I have to open it to do that?