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April Fools Prank

02 April 2009 - 02:53 PM

Me and my friend decided after the first half of spring break full of nerf to pull a nerf prank. We hooked up a nf to a door across the hallway used the door nob as a pulley hooked string to the trigger and her door nob when she open her door in the morning a stefan flew past her head it was funny and she wasn't mad.

A Few Bbb Questions

06 March 2009 - 05:50 PM

I am going to get a BBB tonight when my mom goes to target so I have a few questions.

1. How far does it shoot arrows with the AR's taken out?

2. Can it be modded to shoot stefens? I think I saw that some were but I didn,t see anything in the mod directory or when I searched.

Thank in advance for any help sorry about the noob questions.


The Vulcan Problem

25 January 2009 - 07:43 PM

I have read all the posts about the Vulcan"s cocking mechanism breaking so let me tell you what the problem is. The spring on the cocking paw is to week. it wears out in about a week and then people try to keep playing with it. This breaks the paw. So to avoid the whole thing just move the spring to make it stronger

Cheap Noise Maker To Nerf Gun/

01 December 2008 - 09:45 PM

I got bored after school today and whipped this up out of and old broken noise making shot gun and two extra springs i had laying around.

Posted Image
Sorry that the best picture I had had my copper NF in it.
The metal is for extra support because I broke it trying to cock it the first time.

These are the two springs I put in each other for more power.

Posted Image

It gets about 24 feet with stock whistling darts, 20 feet with stock firefly darts and, 18-19 feet with stock NF and maverick refill darts.

If this is dislike the post reply me and I will take it off.

Night Finder Mod

30 November 2008 - 10:11 PM

I looked on the mod directory and I didn't see any thing so here it is.

I don't have any pics right now but here is the discription (Sorry about the spelling).

I modded my NF with 1/2 inch copper piping.
The copper sticks out from the end of the shell about 3 and 1/8 inches.
So far I have not seen a much difference in ranges except it might get about 3-4 feet more direct fire.
It is a little louder when dry fired but otherwise it has no noise difference.
It seems to firer any dart it could before but works better with the stock refill darts with the blue tips.

I'll try to get pics and ranges after school tomorrow.

Nerfkid 3

Posted Image

Here are the ranges(the best i could do in the house(because it was snowing))

stock NF refill darts 13-14 1/2 Feet

The firefly darts with the glowing paper (better seal) 13 1/2 - 16 feet.

Posted Image