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Glue, Solvent Weld, Air-tight Adhesives Etc.

06 January 2007 - 03:44 PM

I'm planning on working on a homemade air-powered nerf gun, and learning from my past guns that I've made, I am determined to make sure that this one does not leak like an ass. So anyway, on the previous two I have worked on (NerfHaven's Cutlass and Ball Valve guns) I did not use pvc glue primer and I did not give the pvc glue time to dry. Also, I used hot glue for the tubeless tire valve and my Cutlass's threadings leaked really badly. These are all mistakes that I know were stupid, but at the time I just wanted to jury-rig them to work so I could flex nuts with my friends. This time though, I'm willing to do a half-decent job (another year wiser I hope), and I have a few questions about the basic construction of a pvc nerf gun:

1. What is plumber's goop?
2. What's the best way to use pvc glue?
3. In case I decide to stick two endcaps together, how do I solvent weld? And what is solvent welding?
4. How do I cut a nice chunk out of the pvc for a breech without cutting the entire length of pvc into two halves?
5. How should a tubeless tire valve go on?
6. Are 12gram or 12 oz Co2 tanks a good Idea? Would Co2 freeze the glue, leak, or make the gun brittle?
7. Where could I get a holdable air pump that is lighter than a tire/bike tire pump and that I could mount on the foregrip?
8. Is the simple o-ring pull valve in the homemades aisle on this website a good alternative to a solenoid?
9. Are all these questions really stupid?
10. Any thing else I should keep in mind when I jump into it on sunday?

I haven't "Searched" with the search button on this site, but I have kept track of all the homemades' topics all the way back to page 7, and correct me if I'm wrong, there aren't that many write-ups that specifically answer all of these questions. I have though, kept an eye on some of the homemade ideas. Some of these questions I threw in although I have seen them mentioned though. Talio, please don't smite me.

Wtf: Sspb/scout Intergration

29 July 2005 - 04:44 PM

Does anyone have a mod for intergrating a sspb into scout?

Lbb (bow) Vs. Bow N' Arrow

19 July 2005 - 09:38 PM

lanard blast bow

Is this better or worse than the bow n' arrow? feedback would be nice.

Amazing Idea

19 July 2005 - 11:30 AM

cps airtank

what If I hooked this up inside a powerclip in place of the blatter? how many shots could I have? how many times would I need to pump? would it destroy my soon-to-be-here powerclips?

Titan Mods

23 June 2005 - 04:22 PM

I have searched for mods, don't get me wrong, but I just wanted to make a list and/or find some new ones. Try posting easy ones for me, I only stick to light modifications. Thanks! :ph34r: