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Indoor War Cincinnati, Ohio

16 July 2015 - 12:10 AM

Cincinnati Area Nerf Enthusiasts presents,
indoor nerf at Black Ops Global Indoor Airsoft Arena.

When: July 24th 2015
Time: 11:00pm - 1:00am
Where: 11472 Gondola St. Sharonville, Ohio 45241
website for arena:Black Ops Website
Cost: $7 or $12 if you need to use the arena's blasters


Safety glasses are to be worn at all times covering your eyes as they are designed to do, no exceptions. No glasses, no nerfing. We don't care what you wear that covers your eyes, but it has to cover them enough like glasses.
No climbing, walking or jumping from the walls around the upper levels of "Fort Boldface" No Exceptions If "Civilians " come onto the play field, Call for a TIME OUT, LOUDLY, call time in once they are safely off the field. During time out, you may not move from your position unless you have been hit before the time out and are heading to clear in or are completely out. You may reload magazines/blasters, clear jams, things of that ilk.
2. Hits.
We play by the Golden bullet rule, this means if a projectile, hand or melee weapon hits you in any way(Including but not limited to: Hair, Glasses, Ammo pouches, shoulder straps, Holsters and/or Holstered Blasters/Magazines) you are out with the exception of any weapon/shield that you may have IN YOUR HAND, that is a block. If a person said they shot you then you are out. If you argue then you are both out. If you attempt to block a melee, and the player's "Stroke" continues through and hits you, that is a hit.
3. Etiquette
No firing of blasters unless in game play or you both agree to shooting at each other. If you fire at someone and they ask you to stop, you stop or get a game penalty. No testing of Drain Blasters and such on the other players, unless invited to do so.
4. Hulk Hands, Hulk Buster Hands, Velociraptor parts and the like are allowed as melee weapons. Please do not hit/stab people with said weapons.
We use toy blasters and Darts not ''guns'' or ''Bullets'' If we are playing a resurrection type game, you may use Shaman, or Witch Doctor, depending on which game it is.
6.Personal Possessions .
Don't go in someone's bag or pick up someone's blaster unless you have that persons permission. If you are using someones blaster, DON"T DROP IT AND LEAVE IT IN THE FIELD, same for magazines.
7.Dart sweep.
Dart sweep is mandatory. If you don't dart sweep you will not be allowed back the next week.
8. Ammo.
We use stock ammo and slugs for our outdoor wars, and stock ammo for indoor wars. The only darts we ban are glue dome stefans.
9a. Shields and Melee.
Shields can be used with only one of these; a sword/ hatchet/battle axe/ Thor's hammer/mace or single action pistol. The Nerf knife can be used with any combination of weapons and can be thrown.
For boffer swords, or other foam swords with a core; no longer than 42in, no wider than 2.5in at the blade, and must be as safe or safer than the nerf swords.
Largest shield size allowed is the Hyrulian Shield, as well as the largest sword being the Master Sword foam props. Both are relatively the same size as the Marauder nerf sword and Stonewall nerf shield.
For the Hyrulian Shield, it can ONLY be used with melee. The Stonewall shield is allowed to be used with melee or single shot springers.
9b. Thrown items; The only throwable items are the Z-Strike line of core-less foam toys, Thor's Hammer (The older version with the thick foam handle. Please bring these to us to ensure they're the right kind. You can be safe and cover the handle with foam yourself, but must be 1 in thick of foam) the n-strike Knife, the Klaw hatchet, and other small foam toys with a covered core. This includes homemades, but would be subject to checks.
10. Interruptions in game play.
Phone calls are to be kept to a minimum, if you absolutely have to take a call during the round, don't expect to be given "Time Out" if you are on the phone during a round, you are STILL IN PLAY. Do not let your calls inhibit the game, if you slow a side change, you will be out for that round. If you are unlucky enough to get one of those calls, just let the other team know that you will be substituting another player for him, or spreading his lives between the other members of your team. You should not let a Phone call, handicap your team.
11. Blaster colors
No all black/realistic paint schemes. You will be asked to put it away or we WILL tape it up with rainbow or some neon duct tape. This keeps YOU and US safe.
12. If an authority figure (cop, parent, etc) comes up to any member to speak to them, put your blasters down as to avoid causing panic or alarm from said figure.
13. No Marvel rules. You blocked Thor's hammer with your blaster? Good. Now shoot the guy who threw it.
14. Shields can be used as melee so long as you are not hitting the person, rather tapping them with it.
15. Blaster bans are relative to whether or not they’re going to blow holes in stock darts. Bring it and we'll test it on ya.
Obviously straight up bans are singled Titans. Everything else will be tested on its owner to ensure safety. If they can't take a hit from it, nobody else has to.

Food/ drinks: There will be concessions at the arena to cut down on the possible need to leave to go get any of that.

What to bring: Blasters that follow the above rules, friends (friends, relatives, random people you met on craigslist, classmates, etc).

What not to bring: blasters that do not follow the above rules, blasters that fire over 350 fps due to arena rules, drugs/ alcohol.

Darts: Don't bring them, we have that covered.

More info:Facebook event thread
C.A.N.E. Facebook group

Questions, concerns, non-violent protests?

Cincinnati Ohio Nerf War June 30th

09 June 2012 - 02:27 PM

June 30th
10 am till whenever
Mt. Echo Park (Cinci) Exact address to come.

Pics of war location to come.

This is pretty much the same as any other Cinci war.
Most of you should know what is ok to use, basically don't be a d-bag and you will be ok. No singled titans, and no singled plugged 4bs, or anything like that kind of stuff, if you have questions ask.

Bring lots of water, there are bathrooms, but you will need water otherwise.

Bring friends, back up blasters, ammo (no tack darts and no metal exposed or slingshot weight darts), also bring stuff for the friends you bring.

Questions comments concerns, non-violent protests, whatever hit me with it.

More info. https://www.facebook...72287979498966/


27 July 2011 - 09:04 AM

Objective: Get your team accross the field to the choppa which is behind enemy lines, and use the choppa to transport to safety.

Edit: What you need to play: The choppa can be pretty much anything I suggest a big box or something like that.

Rules: The 2 teams start on opposite ends of the field of play, the choppa is behind the opposing team, you must get your team there, then transport members of your team to safety, with a limit of being only able to transport a max of 3 people and the pilot. The out of bounds mark is on the other side of the choppa, so the enemy team cannot chase down the choppa. The choppa is killed after 5 hits by some sort of missle be it a titan or big blast missle or something else similar, but those shots must be fired from within bounds. The choppa must take the team members to a marked spot a couple hundred feet from the spot where it was to start with. Once the choppa drops the team members they come back for more team members until they all reach safety. All damage to the choppa that occurs is healed when the choppa lands in the safe zone, however a count of 15 must be taken for each shot from a missle that hit the choppa. If the choppa is taken out, all the members who were still waiting on the choppa must take out all the enemy team to win (granted they will already by defending from the enemy team while they are waiting for the choppa). The enemy team has a limit of 2 lives per player, the team trying to reach the choppa has 3 lives each. Once the game is won or lost the team switch roles and play again.

Recap of how to win: Get all team members to safety, or take out all the enemy team.

Below is something I drew up in an effort to explain the field layout, The green of course is the main field, the purple is where the team trying to get to the choppa starts, the yellow is where the other team starts. The red is where the choppa is, and is the semi safe zone, the yellow team can fire in to that area but cannot physically enter that area, the purple team is trying to make it to the area to wait for the choppa to take them to safety. The blue area is where the choppa is taking people to safety. The brown circle is something I came up with as an after thought in relation to some comments I got in relation to the game, if unlimited lives are wanted for both teams you could have the brown circle represent the respawn point for the yellow team, and the purple team can just stay where they are shot and count to respawn or have an area near the red box for a respawn point. If you choose to make it a game of unlimited lives I suggest competing by the fastest time of getting the whole team to safety. However when kid flash and myself came up with this game we intended for it to be kinda one sided like hvz, the team getting to the choppa being similar to the human role the other team similar to the zombie role.

Posted Image

I hope you guys like the general idea of this, and try it out at one of your future wars. I am open to suggestion on variations and rule changes so just post those here so others can get ideas.

Last off all:
Posted Image

Revolution Warm Up Wars

05 February 2011 - 02:48 PM

For those of you who don't know already BritNerf will be coming to Ohio in March. To celebrate this we will be having a series of wars in the Cincinnati Ohio area.

War #1 Mt. Airy Forest
When: Thursday March 17th
Address: http://maps.google.c...617,0.0842&z=14
Time: 10:10 - 5:00 (final dartsweep to start at ~4:30)
Pics of park: http://s609.photobuc.....0Airy Forest/

War #2 Boone Woods
When: Saturday March 19th
Address: http://maps.google.c...42&z=14&iwloc=A
Time: 12:00- 7:00
Pics of park: http://s609.photobuc...../Boone Woods/

War #3 Lazer Kraze
We will be finalizing the plans for this soon I hope. It will be friday night late.

War #4 Mt. Echo Park (REVOLUTION)
See Broken's thread for details.
More Info to follow soon!

Please post which of these wars you will be attending.

Cinci Thanksgiving Showdown

10 November 2010 - 11:49 PM

Considering some of the nerfers from our area have been away for awhile due to college, but will be back for Thanksgiving, it seems like the Perfect time for a war.

Date: November 27, 2010
Location: Rapid Run Park 4548 Rapid Run Parkway
Time 9:30 - until people no longer want to play, so likely around 5:00
Where to meet: The only shelter in the park, lol.
Where we will play: The trails near the shelter, and the surrounding area

What to bring:
Blasters, enough for yourself, your guests, and back ups aswell
Darts, same as above
Water, it may be cold out, but you will still need water
Food, or money to go get food
As many guests as possible, remember the more the merrier

What not to bring:
Homemade air blasters
Singled plugged titans
anything that could easily be mistaken for a real gun
Singled jobars, cobras, and anything that is meant to unclog a drain
Drugs, or alcohol, we don't want to draw unwanted attention
any real weapons, the last thing we want is cops

Nerf Mafia
Kid Flash
Foam Ninja
Camo Pat


The one marked as A on the map is the park.