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How The Fuck Are You Guys?

05 December 2006 - 04:56 AM

God I haven't been on this site in what feels like years. Cleaning out the garage over Thanksgiving break, I found my boxes of guns and ammo and paraphernalia and thought back fondly to my days of Nerf. I think my last war was Armageddon at Toj's house or maybe a YANO after that. How are you all? Who's still around? Kevin and Julie at least, I'm guessing, how are the kids? Spoon and Vacc? Ray? I trust the horsemen and the lawn chair mafia are still around.

I'm a freshman at UCSB now. Pretty safe to say that no one nerfs. What have I missed? Some legit new guns, I imagine. The last one I rememebr coming out was the N Strike (was that the one where the three guns attached together?)

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and that checking in has made me a bit nostalgic for my days of modding and organizing wars and hanging around this place. Good to see it's still going strong.

Keep it real.

(Oh and Groove, you actually are the father.)

New Gun? (videos)

27 February 2006 - 01:51 AM

hey fellas i'm back. been a while hasn't it, how the fuck have you all been?

anyways i found a video when i was poking around on You Tube of what looks to be a nerf AK, for lack of a better name. from the video its a bolt action, clip fed, ejecting shell nerf rifle.

i searched around and didn't find anything, so if this has been brought up already i probably look like a douche but does anyone know anything about this?

looks bitchin.


Happy Birthday Stefan!

28 June 2005 - 03:17 PM

may your next 24 years be as joyful as these last.

Armageddon '04 Wrapup Thread

19 June 2004 - 11:27 PM

Well I just got back from Toj's and Armageddon was fucking awesome. The location was sweet, even if we did have to hike to the good locations. It was great to see all old timers and the new faces I saw got in the swing of things really quickly. I was stoked that I finally got my crossbow working up to par with micro stefans, can't wait for the next war.


-A two hour game of fucking rapture the fag. After tons of attempts on both flags we finally got it together and ended it.
-The second short game of CTF where I got sneaky and most people didn't even know I had captured it.
-Zach's adaptation of 3DBBQ's M&M system. He was workin' me up with it until his guns started "mysteriously" breaking.
-Me getting consistently owned by Paul. Paul is half my height. Not fair.
-Zach getting hit in the nuts six times, in the ass three times and once in the earlobe by me.
-Who needs nerf grenades when you have an endless supply of lemons?
-Hubbard's beast of a combogun/space ship, the S.S. Nerfstar. Seeing him fly home to planet Nerflactica was quite a beautiful sight. The crash immediately following wasn't, however.
- Steph #2 owning Spoon with dual powerclips.
-Our excellent nerf duels that weren't staged at all.
-Ray dodging just about every fucking shot I threw his way.
-That angsty, aggressive lounge music Toj had on in the garage. That really got the testosterone going.
-Meeting DXWQ (Kev's brother) who looked and acted just like Kevin, kicked ass for his first war.
-No one bothering us, no stupid yoga people, no tennis players, no soccer children getting picked off, no one calling the cops. Rural locations have their advantages!

Great group of nerfers and a great location. Total success.

What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

07 September 2003 - 03:24 PM

So what's everyone dressing up as for Halloween? Are you going trick-or-treating and/or to a par-tay?

I'm really excited about my costume this year. I've dressed up in some pretty cool costumes before. I've gone as a marine a few years, nothing special. When I was younger, I went as a Spec Ops guy; night cammoed pants, black army jacket, black beanie, cut off gloves, utility harness with black grenades strapped to it, and an m16. Two years ago I went as Neo, but didn't have my floor length trench coat yet. I had a knee length trench, black cargos and shirt, combat boots and the obligatory shades. I had the harness that I had used a few years back, and I had guns...lots of guns. I think I had 11 total. Two black hand guns holstered at waist, 2 silver/black handguns holstered on thighs, stub nosed revolvers on chest, mini-mp5's strapped to the side of my chest, dual uzi's towards my lower back/side,and an m16 in my hand. Most of these were well marked with orange, so I didn't really scare cops. Last year I went as the urban terrorist from Counter-Strike: black jacket, ski mask, holstered hand gun, white/black/grey cammo cargos, combat boots and an AK in my hand. I offended alot of people, which I was very happy about. Two of my friends dressed up as terrorists; one was a l33t krew guy and the other was the guerilla warfare guy. My other friend dressed up as a SWAT Counter Terrorist. We looked pretty badass walking through that residential area, armed to our teeth.

Now this year will be my best costume yet. I'm going as a new age-vampire. I finally have a floor length trench coat(the exact style that neo had in reloaded.) I'm wearing that unbuttoned over black cargos, a black shirt, and my combat boots. I'm going to get a cool looking ankh to wear around my neck. I'm also getting fake fangs that go over my canines and look really real, with some blood on my lips. I'm painting my nails black and wearing pale makeup on my face. Dark black eye makeup(maybe) and deep red circles around my eyes, giving me that undead-hipster look. My medium length hair will be in liberty spikes, sprayed black. I have most of this stuff, my sisters have most the makeup, I just need to find a neat looking ankh. I'll take a picture...what do you guys think of this idea?