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In Topic: Singling An Airtech 3000

15 July 2005 - 11:29 AM

I haven't finished it yet, because the plumber's goop is still drying. But if you want to make it extremely stable, this seems like it will work well (again, I'm not sure because it's still drying). First you put a little stub of pvc inside the pvc coupler, so that it is flush with the edge of the coupler. Then you take a small piece of cpvc, the same size as that first piece of pvc, and sand down the outside a little. Then, hammer it into the pvc. This makes it fit almost perfectly over the existing nozzle, so it should be very stable

In Topic: Cpvc

11 July 2005 - 06:42 AM

If I simply fixed the cpvc barrel onto the gun, with no couplers or anything like that, would that still work? I mean, the dart would stay at the end of the barrel, so I'm wondering if that will affect performance at all.

In Topic: Brass Barrel Maverick?

09 July 2005 - 09:38 PM

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In Topic: Cpvc

09 July 2005 - 09:34 PM

I use 2" darts, on a 4" barrel, and about 1/8" of the dart sticks out the end of the barrel. The ranges are pretty good, i haven't measured them, but it seems like it is way too hard to load and it takes too much time. One thing I'm considering is putting a cpvc coupler (hopefully there is such a thing) on the plunger tube, then having multiple pre-loaded barrels to switch between each shot.

EDIT: one other question, if I do use multiple pre-loaded barrels, should I have the darts loaded into the front or back of the barrel?

EDIT2: should I just ditch this whole setup and switch to copper barrels (brass isn't available) in which I can push the darts all the way to the back of the barrel? Seems a little simpler

In Topic: Brass Barrel Maverick?

09 July 2005 - 07:48 PM

here's my suggestion to you. drop out of ridgewood dart wars now before you are humiliated. you have no chance. that is all

EDIT: just kidding sloth. i would just use the cpvc mod, but use brass with tape wrapped around it to make it snug in the existing barrel, and use hot glue on the ends to make sure you get a good seal