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17 April 2020 - 02:22 PM

This is too mechanically complicated for my tastes, but I love that it's being attempted. Good luck!



yes its a bit mechanical, which is why it sat on cad for a long time had some issues sorting out how to get the gun to prime the air chambers easily without a heavy gear system found a simplified solution and set to work on bringing it to life. 


since this is a concept demo piece:


Are you printing the plunger tubes?


yes its these: http://nerfhaven.com...-1586739115.png


Did you insert anything in them to serve as the tube itself,


 - no i do not have anything inserted into them atm, they are water tight and hold air pressure: if they do fail then ill looking at acquiring aluminum inserts for the Nerf long shot and install 3, or custom fab them from aluminum tubing depending on whats easier to acquire and cost


      what i am planning on doing is  using a 36MM ring slightly heated and pressed through the tubes to fix the uneven internal surface caused by printing


or are you expecting the printed surface to work?

 after fixing the internal surface to smooth  then i expect them to function to a point:  surface friction if it exceeds 180 C will deform them --  mitigation by slowing the rotational speed down and sufficient air flow


How are you planning on loading darts into the breeches as everything moves?


i have 2 plans: 

  a pressure feed cassette aligned to dead center on the bottom of the gun{feed off the side of the gun}: 

the breech mechanism picks up a dart as the system rotates {the black slot rails hold a spring loaded breach slide that moves with rotation}


if that wont work i'm looking at a timed rotating system that brings a dart off the cassette and aligns it right to the breach then the breach grabs it


the cassette  its self  adapted to clips/drums for testing when it works


project 2 kicks off cad files

          a linear link-less back pack  holding 1k-2k rounds. :ph34r: