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Lazy-mans Clip

21 June 2006 - 07:36 PM

Well... I haven't been contributing to the comunity lately so I have decided to add my clip system. I call it the lazy-mans clip because it is kind of a knockoff of ompa's breach system. let me show you...

Posted Image

Instead of having a bolt, you just push the brass infront forword and back to reload (by the way, its a gravaty fed system). I didnt show it in the picture but on the back of the clip it has a coupler so you can attach it to any gun you want (as long as you put a pvc stub on it) so it is pretty flexable.

The clip itself is made out of layered balsa wood, I cut a slit down both of the sides so you can see how much ammunition you have left. Here is a the clip.

Posted Image

Any questions, or comments? Feel free to ask away.

Diferent Kinds Of Blowguns

24 June 2005 - 07:40 PM

Hi, I had an idea afer fideling(dont know how to spell that) with my newly made blowgun and my maverick. At first I thought of taking out the plunger of my maverick and puting pvc where the plunger used to be and puting more pvc on the part where the dart comes out of the gun. It would look somwhat like this...

I also had the idea of having a shell for the blowgun. It would be a normal blowgun cut in half and using a pvc size that can fit over the normal half inch pvc and using the half inch pvc making the shells. here is a stinky picture of what I am trying to say.
And yes i know it sucks. please dont flame me, It's just some ideas.


Cpvc Or Pvc

16 June 2005 - 10:20 PM

Yes I know i'm a noob, but I was wondering. What is the diference betwen pvc and cpvc. I want to know becouse I can't find any brass anywhere I look and my local home depot had cpvc and pvc. I hered that they both work well but what is the diference? :P


Night Maverick Plans

13 June 2005 - 10:49 AM

Hi, I was sitting around one day and it hit me why not use the main casing of the maverick and replace the plunger with a night finder plunger, This is what I got.

Cut this part off of the maverick.
Cut this off of the night finder
No I have not tryed this but I will once I get another night finder and maverick...
One problem I ran into is the fireing macanism. I will be tring to find a way to fix this soon.Tell me what you think of my idea. :) it should come out somewhat like this.


Do You Like?

12 June 2005 - 11:36 PM

This is a picture I drew of a Maverick Rev-6 while I was bored. I hope you like it, Sorry if its a little too big. And yes I did draw it.

Here is a comic I made last night at 2:30 am.
Sorry if it sucks, I was rushing it a bit (alot) but I think you get the point. :huh:

Ok here is the night finder(not the fugly one that ataches to the n-strike) un-colored, http://img238.echo.c...olorednf5oj.png