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In Topic: Illinois Anyone ?

21 August 2003 - 11:34 AM

I',m from St. Louis, MO and I get my licencse at the end of december so pretty much I will get access to a lot of the midwest

In Topic: Project Nerf Cocker

20 August 2003 - 08:32 AM

MAny new developements have come along. I have figured out the back block setup, most of the homemande 3 way valve, the ram, and bothe the inline and front block regulator, not all are made of PVC. I am working so I can remove and upgrade stuff later. I haven't hade much expireice with brass or copper piping, but I am thinking about useing one of those for a barrel, except I want the barrel to be removable. The clip is one of those aluminum light switch boxes, but extremely modded(im not sure of the real name),It will hold around 11 shots.

Instead of having the dual solenoids, I wanted to do like a two way, for regulation. This is different than the regular auto cocker.

First off the cocking rod is longer, kind of like the 3way rod.But when it is fired forward the first inline regulated air fed valve is closed, and then the vale that will fire the gun is opened. When the ram arm, and back block come back, the process is reversed.

The tank has also been modifed, but i dont feel like explaing it, it is just much simpler and will have to be refilled every 25 rds with a foot pump, but that is a consevative estimate.

This project is coming along nicely, but will slw down slower than its already slow pace because school is being added to my plate of heaping stinking crap they call life. OUT.

In Topic: Give NH A New Tagline

20 August 2003 - 08:05 AM

Nerf, Because my girlfriend spends the rest of my paintball money

Nerf, Keeping thriftstores in buisness since 1993

(of pissing secrataries, ceo's, and executives off with your toy at your mininmum wage job)

Nerf, Giving parents heart attacks because their kids got off the couch.

In Topic: Put Them To Shame!

14 August 2003 - 07:50 AM

IF you dont mind the disadvantages of: 1 long load time
2. difficult to build
3. expensive
4. heavy

by all means go for it.

My advice, study how the old ww2 .50 cal guns worked. Try to see if you can figure out a way to integrate your pump system and feed system. You can buy genuine .50 cal ammo boxes at a military surplus store for about $10.

If your serious you have a big project on your hands, but good luck, and people here will probably be able to help if you have any quesetions.

In Topic: Homemade, 1st Try!

23 July 2003 - 09:44 PM

You could make it pull like an autococker 3-way, if you have questions goto a local paintball shop and talk to the guy. I use 2 solenoid valves rigged with a 9V battery to each. then i have a micro switch that i can hook them both to, then the trigger is basically a small piece of plastic that for the trigger. For more info look at my nerfcocker thread in homemades.This is great for semi and regulating gas flow.