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Soundproofing in blasters- Especially Stampedes!

30 June 2020 - 10:39 AM

In an effort to lower the volume of my 'pede, I wrapped the internals with sound-absorbing foam. I used a sheet of foam that I believe is used to soundproof ducting and furnaces. It is not a very dense foam, and I would like to return sometime in the future to add a denser material to assist. After installing the soundproofing, I noticed a perceivable drop in volume, though it was not as large of a drop as I would have hoped. The foam, however, absorbs high pitches well and the high pitches of the motor are muted and the sound is more bassy than naked internals.


Here is a picture of the soundproofed internals. It can't be seen in the picture, but the other side of the gearbox is also insulated. I would like to include a video, but the difference is less noticeable on video.



Unusual Rapidstrike Mod: Help Please?

31 May 2019 - 01:23 PM

Ive been planning to upgrade my Rapidstrike for some time now. At first, I started a voltage upgrade. I didnt want to spend any money on new components, so I just cleaned out unnecessary garbage and put a good battery in. However, I realized I had a motor from an old kitchen stand mixer lying around. Its got crazy torque and Ive still got to do the calculations for the gear assembly, but the output should be very satisfactory. (It flips itself over when I operate it. Its insane, although it pulls a ridiculous 22A) I plan to replace both the flywheel motors with this gargantuan one. The motor will lie parallel to the blaster, turning both flywheels with a worm gear. It works pretty well, since the worm gear will cause them to rotate in opposite directions, like any respectable flywheel system does. (And apparently stand mixers too) Now, Im trying to design a flywheel housing that allows it to operate. I plan to combine the flywheel housing with a gearbox that gears up the torque to get some better speed. The unit should fit with the flywheel housing in its standard orientation, and the gearbox protruding out the side of the blaster and connecting with the motor. However, I am having a bit of trouble with the technical side of things here. The distance between the flywheel and the motor is small in the stock blaster. I still want to use a 2mm axle, but I have concerns on how to attach it when it is running from inside the flywheel housing to all the way outside the blaster. I need some sort of connection point near the housing, then another near the gear. As I have been unable to find high-speed ball bearings that fit a 2mm axle, Im stumped. I plan to 3D print the housing, its simply the best option given the unique shape, but I do not want to 3D print the gears for the gearbox, so is there a better option to obtain unique shapes for the gears? Ill probably have more questions as the build progresses. Any insight or advice is most appreciated. Ill be happy to clarify anything or answer questions.


Sebastian Davies


EDIT: You can get 2mm ball bearings affordably quite easy. Now how to mount that motor...
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