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My Homemade Swords

10 February 2009 - 01:33 AM

In light of the some of the unsafe melee weapon topics I have seen, I would like to start my first topic by showing everyone here what I do now since I have not nerfed in about two years. I go to Florida State University, down in Tallahassee, Florida, yeah, that's right, Florida. We used to have about 20 people or so that would nerf, but we stopped two years ago.

Now on to the main reason I start this new topic. What I do now for fun is spar with homemade realistic foam weapons, not just swords, but any melee weapon you can think of. Her is my site:

Foam sparring weapons

I used freewebs and am still updating the site continually. I make all of my weapons with safety in mind first, then realistic length and weight distribution. I am not here to try and sell them or anything, I have a write up on the site on how to make a katana, and will have a write up soon on how to make a longsword. I took much of my inspiration in making them from my days of modding nerf guns, and I think of these as a sister hobby, since I use many of the same materials.

Well, if anyone has any questions or comments about them, feel free to say so here, or if you really want to, you can join the forum I have there, but I put that there just so my friends could suggest things on the site instead of waiting until they saw me again. Remember all you youngsters around here, it may say I just joined a couple months ago, but I have been actively reading the forums here since around 2005, so I know the rules and the code of conduct, and whose in charge here.