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In Topic: Hyper Fire DTB Revisited

10 June 2011 - 01:12 PM

I really like all your work man, great pictures, explanations, and mods all around.

One thing I noticed with this one is that the pump looks like it's angled upward slightly. It might cause some interference with longer barrels, which you said you plan on doing. I'd recommend cutting the shell of the water gun at a slightly different angle then reattaching it to the DTB, or getting a different pump.

In Topic: Columbus War 2.2

11 December 2010 - 08:35 PM


Twas a good time had by all. Thanks to Hippo(Brad?) and his brother(Brian?) again for letting me use their blasters after my SNAP broke. Those 2 -11s are pretty Effeminate.

It was nice meeting BrokenSVT and son(Greg and Austin?) and Kidflash(Ben?) for the first time. You guys do some good work with air guns.

I was talking to some guys about possibly having a control point type game, similar to the computer game Team Fortress 2, I'll try to make up something and bring it to the next war. Hopefully, it'll allow the full use of both the play ground and the woods area, and discourage camping. I noticed especially with the playground that there's just not a whole lot of room to move around, and you either go on the slide area or next to picnic area and take potshots.

Highlight of the day - When leaving Wendy's to go back after lunch, Deathdart2k(Logan?) stands in front of the glass door, steps aside, and proceeds to run into the glass pane directly to the left of the door, face first.

In Topic: Columbus War 2.2

08 December 2010 - 12:07 AM

Is anyone bringing a core? I thought that was pretty fun the few times I've played it.

In Topic: Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire Mods

05 December 2010 - 11:31 PM

Rogue was the only one who made a write-up for the fury fire and he pulled all his mods from nerfhaven. If you do mod it, look at maverick mods for help because it's pretty much the same thing with a few more shots.

That's a pretty lame move, I didn't realize how much squabbling went on.

By the way, ahtanie made this writeup for a Furyfire 2k Modification. Although it's a little difficult, there's a lot of information about making the turret rear loading, and good pictures of the inside.
It's not like you even need someone to hold your hand through these things. Read through a couple maverick modifications or a couple nitefinder modifications and you can probably get a good idea of what you need to do. It's not like nerf created a fusion powered propulsion system here, these springers are all pretty similar.

Also Blue, I couldn't find the linked mod in either the 2k or furyfire sections of the mod directory, so it might be a good add.

In Topic: Columbus War 2.2

30 November 2010 - 11:37 AM

First, can anyone recommend a good pair of gloves? I'm looking for something warm, but allowing for easy working of blasters/darts.

I recommend any sort of gloves marketed as running gloves. They're usually pretty thin and form fitting and have a tacky side for handling things. Champion brand running gloves were $15 at the Target at Lennox, which I'm assuming is the closest to you at OSU. They were also oddly labeled as texting gloves too, for the same thing.

Also, barring some sort of catastrophic meteorological event, I am a definite.