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Swarmfires on 6S

23 January 2019 - 04:38 AM

So i got myself two swarmfires to mod. Now it seems that running these on a 6S lipo for RoF is a thing that's already been done quite a few times, but since those mod guides are a bit older at this point, i have some questions:

Is there a performance increase using a 6S motor (such as the now plentiful drone 6S's such as this)? Since those are cheaper then the lipo i'd put them in even if the improvement is mediocre.

Has anyone replaced the gearbox to fit in a better spring? I've read that it can't hold a [k26] stock so i'm looking at 9kg longshot springs but if replacing the gearbox will let it take a better spring i'll do that instead.

What kind of lifespan should i expect from stock motor with 6S lipo or 6S motor with 6S lipo? most 6S lipos sold near here seem to have 5000-5500 mAh, lets assume one of those.