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Alpha Trooper - failed modification

14 January 2019 - 08:01 AM

Hello all!
I've tried to modified my Alpha Trooper and something went wrong.  Was following one of the YouTube videos on modification of this one.


Blaster no longer cocks. The spring is pushed with pump grip but nothing prevents it from moving back.


I've tried to do the following mod (based on worker package):

- drilled air-restrictor

- removed magazine lock, trigger and slam-fire locks

- changed O-ring on breach

- added rubber ring inside the plunger

- change spring to more powerful one

- change spring on catch mechanism


It is my first modification, so I kind of unsure what is wrong. First I thought that catching mechanism is too weak for spring - so tried to put stronger one and to switch back to stock spring - but it's still the same. (It was same result with trigger lock installed.)


Any ideas or suggestions? 



I've attached the image how it looks like now.