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A Painting Question

30 July 2009 - 07:47 PM

Well, I've only painted three guns before. They were all flat colors with spray paint. I've wanted to try painting some guns I had, and just had a quick question. Will acrylic paints work on plastic if I use a sealer on it afterwards? Thanks.

The Foam Shot

15 April 2009 - 10:34 PM

My Walgreen’s just got in a shipment of beach items. I don’t know why these were in with them, but I found these excessively small guns called Foam Shots. The look just like miniature TTGs.
Posted Image
They were only 2 bucks each, so I bought two. I’m glad I did. I took them out of the package, and tested their claim of “up to 25 feet”. It was bull. I angled it a bit and shot it with the wind helping it. It managed about 11’. The darts are slightly larger than normal darts, and despite the “Safe & Soft” claim, the ends are hard plastic. Upon examination, the barrel leaks like crazy, and actually ends halfway up the dart. The cocking mechanism was the easiest to pull back I ever felt.
Materials needed:
Saw/PVC Cutters
Thin Spring
Barrel of choice
Duct tape/Glue aplenty
Posted Image
See what I mean about the resemblance to the TTG? This thing is very small, as shown in comparison to a DTG below.
Posted Image
The internals are quite basic, but if you forget how they go together here’s a picture. The longer of the small springs goes on the trigger, the shorter on the catch.
Posted Image
Here it is in comparison with a buzzbee dart. This gun is only about three times the length of the dart.
Posted Image
Pull out the plunger tube and look at the barrel. There should be an orange line where the air restrictor is. Cut below there, a about 1/16” down. The plunger head should be showing.
Posted Image
The plunger head doesn’t need any o-ring addition, as there is no o-ring. It is a semi-flexible cup at the top, and one that creates a very good air seal. Insert your barrel into the end of the barrel a little, and glue/duct tape into place. CPVC with a little duct tape around it fits nicely.
Posted Image
Now remove the plunger and unscrew the head. Pull off the orange tube just behind the spring. Cut like shown.
Posted Image
Put the piece back where it was, without the part you cut off. Now take your thin spring and put it over the stock spring. Put the plunger back together. Take the shells and cut like shown.
Posted Image
I cut a bit farther than the picture shows in the trigger guard, as my fingers didn’t fit. Make sure you make the notch just below the barrel I did if you used duct tape. If you’re using glue, glue the internals in. If you’re using duct tape, reassemble the gun but DO NOT FIRE OR COCK IT. The notch you made is so the duct tape can hold the barrel in place. You can see it in the picture below. Viola! The finished product!
Posted Image
It got an average of 43’, nice for a small gun. I personally think this would be ideal for integration, as the barrel and plunger are very small. Plus, for two bucks, it’s worth it. They can be found in the specialty area and the toy aisle of your local Walgreen’s.
Question? Comments? Fiery Wrath?

Wookie Crossbow

21 March 2009 - 03:23 PM

A long time ago, in Disneyland, I picked up a wookie crossbow. I found it in my closet, and decided that 15 ft with a barrel that couldn’t even take stock darts was crap. You will need:
•~4 inches of ½ inch cpvc
•A hacksaw
•A spring (I think I used a maverick spring)
•Duct tape or hot glue
Ok, time to crack open the gun. After removing the screws and opening it, these internals greet you. Posted Image
Pull out the barrel, and pull it out of the tubing inside the grey tube. It should come out easily. Now remove the grey tube that is over the clear tubing. Posted Image
If you’re using duct tape, wrap duct tape around the end of the tube until you can slide the cpvc on it and it fits snugly. Posted Image
Posted ImagePut a few more layers over the cpvc and the tube. Posted ImageIf you’re using hot glue, use a lot of it, and seal the tube in the cpvc. Make sure there are no leaks. Now time to use the hacksaw. Cut off the pieces that stick out in the section, one on top and the piece that holds on the red piece in front.Posted ImageNow to replace the spring. Cut the tank where the picture shows, being careful not to cut the plunger.Posted Image Remove the plunger head and spring, and put on the new spring. Put the plunger back in, and either hot glue or duct tape the assembly back together. I put it back together, but it looked kind of weird, and I had to duct tape the barrel into place, and it ended up not being straight. I opened it back up, and cut off the screw places shown, and the top off the plastic piece. Posted Image
Posted Image
Now the barrel can go into the gun. I put it back together, and mine got 46’ flat with stock darts. I don’t have any stefans on me, so I haven’t tested it with them yet. The finished gun:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Questions, comments, corrections or flames?

Dual Blasters

14 March 2009 - 01:57 PM

Christmas was coming up, so my friend and I decided to throw something together for one of our friends. My friend had just put together a dual nightfinder, and I pulled two blasters out, looked at them for a bit, marked up where to cut, and basically made the same thing with blasters. Then we gave it a paintjob. We called it the guardian.
Posted Image
I used a piece of wood about .8x.8x3 inches that I inserted in the front handles, then I screwed them into place. I then hotglued the front and back handles of each gun to the other guns handle. It stays together quite well, and ranges are the same as a modded blaster.
Questions, comments, flames?

Bunker Buster Idea

03 August 2008 - 02:07 PM

I have been making more homeade darts letaly, as they get better ranges, and I took a look at my stack of velcros and said, "What should I do with those?" I decided to create some bunker buster ammo. I tore the heads off of them and stuffed them into my frisbee. They can get quite nice ranges for a grenade and it can hold at least 25 (the most I've tried). I think this is a good use for old velcros. Hope this helps!

EDIT: Sorry if this wasn't clear, I put the heads into the frisbee.