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Using Stefans In A Modified Recon

13 August 2008 - 04:52 AM

Howdy there guys.

Simple question.

I have a modified Recon, with air restrictions and barrel posts removed, and I want to try and get it to fire stefans.

How do I load the stefans into the magazine, in order to get them to fire properly?

No matter how I seem to do it, they just fall out, or get jammed.

Nerf Weapons Rack

16 July 2008 - 08:50 PM

Howdy there guys.
I'm trying to design and build a weapons rack for my Nerf guns. However, I lack all creative talent, so I was wondering if anyone has plans for such a thing. I have lots of Mavericks, so a rack that just holds them would be nice, the other thing I would store on it is Recons, since I have several of those too.

I have several woodworking tools available to me, but no metalworking supplies. Unfortunately I would have no idea where to begin, so if anyone has ideas or can help me out with a design, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks :)

Wanted: West Australian Nerfers

11 July 2008 - 05:16 AM

Howdy there guys.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael, and i'm president for 2008 of the University of Western Australia Nerf Combat Association (UWANCA - yes the name is deliberate).

We're a team of Nerfers based at UWA, and we are looking to start organizing some events.
If you have not heard of us before, it is because we only started this club about three months ago, but we're now getting into full swing and need some action!

If you live in Western Australia, please, let me know, and we can organize some events together. Currently, the club has about 30 members, and that number is growing fast. If you've had a hard time finding people to Nerf with, we're a great group. You don't need to be a UWA student to join, just interested in Nerf is all I care about :)

So yeah, to sum it all up, UWA gives us money to buy Nerf guns. If you can think of a better deal, I'd like to hear it :P

We just had our first event, a very successful swords vs guns LARP. It was kind of complicated, but if you've ever played TF2, you may know the map "Gold Rush" where one team has to push a cart of gold from one end of the map to the other.
Well, basically, we recreated that, with Nerf guns. However, we didn't have many guns (about 12), so most people just used foam swords. That was quite fun.
Also, we did not have a cart filled with gold. However, we improvised. What we did: push a car.

So yeah, that's the kind of stuff we're talking about. We're all very serious about Nerf, and we all want to have lots of fun. And, no, I'm not trying to sell my club to you, if you want to join that's your own free will. You don't have to be a member to participate in our events. We just all want together and have some awesome fun.

It is hard to find people in WA, since Nerf is really an "American only" thing, but we aim to change that.

Also, sorry for the eastern states. If you want to drive over you're welcome to join :)

Thanks for reading,

If you want to contact us:

Nerf Recons

10 July 2008 - 09:02 AM

Howdy dues. New member here!
My name is Mikey, and I hail from the land of Australia.

Today, we finally got NERF Recons imported into our fine country, and I managed to get one.

I already have a longshot, I bought it on ebay, and I can say, that the Recon is not as awesome as the longshot.

Pros of Recon:
  • LOTS of rails to attach various things
  • Nice red dot pointer
  • Decent range out of the box
  • Comes with lots of darts
  • Clip release is on both sides, good for left handers.
Cons of Recon
  • Ships with only one clip
  • Clip is more dodgy then longshot clip
  • Stock is very flimsy, I imagine it will break easily.
  • Jam cleaner is hard to operate, Longshot was much better.
Since you cant get Longshot's in Australia I suppose this is pretty good.
Anyone else's thoughts?