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Which and what to do for a super-stock springer?

02 April 2018 - 08:34 PM

Hi everyone


My local war starts up at the end of the month, and they have a hard cap on 130 FPS which I believe is what is referred to as super stock. Anyways, I have plans for a pretty neat stryfe mod and I'm running out to the hardware store to finally construct my own tool arsenal, which will be cool. Thing is, I don't want to rely solely on batteries, because while LiPos last a long time and all, there's still a chance for me to mess up, or anyone I bring with me to run outta juice on their weapon, or whatever may happen. So I'd like to have a low-tech gun that can still be competitive in this environment.


I currently own a decent candidate for the job ; the OG dark blue Longshot CS-6. Performance is roughly to be expected from an original N-strike series gun bought used from someone who seems likely to have left the spring pulled back. I've been told an air restrictor and a decent spring mod might bring me close to or maybe over the limit, so that's why I'm asking.


I've also been told that a longshot isn't an ideal modding platform, and a retaliator mod would serve me better for this performance bracket. The guy basically made it sound like the longshot is black and white, either N-strike or top tier.


Thing is, I don't have a retaliator on hand, but r/nerfexchange, the 2 thrift stores in town, or the fancy exclusive toys r us recolor while it still exists are all cheaper options to get my hands on one if it's really that much better.

But, if it's not really essential to go for a retaliator, what kind of springs am I looking for in a superstock longshot? I know absolutely nothing about mod springs, so any good explanations on any terms and factors are welcome.


Thanks all.