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Ps2 Cluster?

02 September 2005 - 08:23 PM

Since Playstation 2 is coming to the end of it's life, units are readily available. They also have pretty good processing power. I want to form a cluster of these cheap little workhorses (specifically for folding processes). I've run into a small issue, however. Sony doesn't offer their official Linux package to North America anymore, and I'm not informed enough to know what 3rd party configurations are trustworthy and reliable.

Anyone have any experience/advice on this matter? I'm sorry for adding to the off-topic mess, but I'm hoping some of the more tech savvy folks on these boards are able to help (it's for our F@H team!).

My Nerf Reality

26 April 2005 - 05:58 PM

Hello all! Long time reader, first time poster. I thought I'd finally contribute to the community along with my introduction. Hopefully this turns out to be the case.

I've been Nerfing since the Sharpshooter 2 came out. I really got interested at about the time the Max Force series came out (I drooled over the clip fed Sawtooth which is still one of my primary guns...modded of course). Most of my friends who couldn't care less about Nerf can now (more or less) name a favorite gun, and how far it can shoot modded. I'm even more proud to say my fiance is quite the Nerfer, and a darn good shot at that.

Now things of relevance:

I see a lot of talk about how many guns people take, what're the best/worst tactics, and other such posts chock full of opinion. From my years of experience, here is what I have to say.

"What's the Best gun?" Certainly has to do with style... but for your buck, the Nightfinder is second to none. The only reason the Lock'n'Load is in any way better is that the plunger seal is superior. LnL gives you more for less work when modding. That's it. I've never had the pleasure of using a Crossbow, but the Big Bad Bow is a lot of fun (and I'm quite excited about the re-release). As far as "losing" goes...FORGET IT. Sure you can tag that soda can in your back yard from 50 ft. away. Now try to hit a running human being in a windy park. Want to know if you're good? I'd say if about 1/3rd or more of your shots tag another player, you're good.

"I take 7 guns into battle..." I sure hope you have a holster. I take a crazy amount of guns into a war too, but they're all secured. 2 LnL's holstered and a Titan/Hornet. For those interested, the Titan is modded to fire arrows and the Hornet is stock. I did get a funky batch of really fat darts that work amazingly well in the Hornet and not at all in my other guns. Back to the point: If you have a ton of guns on you, you'll never land a hit. All guns are different, even identical stock guns. You'll constantly have to adjust your aim, and waste tons of ammo just trying to get ONE tag. Specialize! Learn your one, two (or in my case four) guns very well, and mostly stick with them for awhile. If you have a huge collection and like to rotate, do so. Just do it enough to get used to the nuances, not every 5 minutes.

"I use walkie-talkies/binoculars..." Binocs? For home-made long range wars in the woods...okay maybe. For a normal outdoor foam frag-a-thon? Don't. Walkie talkies are all but useless too. Way too bulky and hard to use when compared to "Get that flag! Run back here!". Save those for goofy fun on those indoor night wars.

Time to wrap this up before I get even more long-winded. Like most folks with similar views, it'd be nice if this was the end-all for these discussions. I think most arguements would be settled if you guys would just go out and NERF. Stop reading this post, grab a buddy, and get the foam out.

Ta taa for now.