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N-203 Grenade Launcher

28 July 2009 - 09:59 PM

This has been a project in the making for a long time, several months. After I saw some of the other Titan/Maverick integrations/modifications, I decided I needed one. I wanted it to be an integration, like the Stormbringer. But I also wanted it to be detachable. Searching the Web, I found pictures of the M203 grenade launcher, and then it hit me...

The Idea:
Posted Image

To make a detachable grenade launcher that can be used both on its own, and under the barrel of a rifle, mainly the Recon. I know the Recon is looked down upon here at Nerfhaven, but I like them, and that's all that matters. These are the rough plans.

What I used:
1 Maverick shell, cut up beyond repair
1 Titan
3/4" PVC pipe and various caps
2" PVC (for the barrel shroud)
Various PVC couplers
Massive amounts of Epoxy Putty

Originally I was going to use the green ballistic balls as ammo, but I couldn't get that idea to work. So I went with miniature Titan rockets, commonly referred to as "Mongo" darts here at NerfHaven.

The Complete Weapon:
Posted Image
I call it "Vera"...

A closer view...
Posted Image

The barrel shroud is merely cosmetic. It's not pretty, I know, but it doesn't have to be in my opinion. I still plan on painting it, when I have time and money to do so.

Here's the attachment point...
Posted Image

As I said, not pretty. I decided to go with two tactical rail attachments, and I'm glad I did. Using two made the launcher much more stable, it doesn't wobble at all. In order the keep the launcher on, I drilled a small hole in the tactical rail itself and used a small section of a metal coat hanger as a pin to keep it on the rail. That way it won't slide off the front.

Down the barrel...
Posted Image

The outer barrel is cosmetic as I said, but the inner barrel acts like a Titan barrel. The mongo darts go in there like so:
Posted Image

They stick out a little, but that makes it easier to load. For the mongos, I used 1 1/2" foam pipe insulation. I cut some ballistic balls in half and used them as the tip, put some ball bearings in the center for weight, then hot glued and electrical taped everything together. They work fairly well for being the first darts I've ever homemade.
Posted Image

The barrel is also detachable, and later I hope to make a shotgun attachment, like the stormbringer shotgun attachment. Again: I KNOW IT'S NOT PRETTY. I haven't had the time, money, or knowhow to paint it yet. So, as always, enjoy...

The Use Of Duct Tape In Nerfing...

28 February 2009 - 07:08 AM

I've seen a lot of nerfers making holsters and bandoleers for use with their nerf guns. Someone somewhere on the forums asked what type of materials people used to make their accessories. Some used PVC pipe, yarn, leather, etc. But there is one material that can do more than any of these (except for maybe leather), and that's duct tape. I have made several things out of duct tape, and as long as you have experience and know how to handle it, duct tape can be just as versatile and durable as anything else. Here's some examples:

The MOLLE-N (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment - Nerf) chest rig, modeled after military tactical equipment.
Posted Image

A closer look. All the pouches can come off. I've even had a nightfinder holster on it at one time.
Posted Image

A drop-leg holster for my Maverick (also with a MOLLE attachment for pouches, or a knife in this case). It would have been completely brown, but I ran out of brown duct tape. I'll get more later.
Posted Image

Posted Image

The pouches are made completely out of duct tape (except for the velcro of course)
Posted Image

Posted Image

Or if you dont want a chest rig, the pouches can come off and be put on a belt.
Posted Image

Even knives can be made of duct tape (of course I wouldn't use it at a nerf war, it's purely for looks)
Posted Image

Another plus is that duct tape is fairly cheap. $6 - $7 for a 66 yard roll of the stuff, professional grade. And it's everywhere: Walmart, K-mart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot...everywhere. The only other materials I used in these are velcro and a little bit of cardboard. All in all, the entire get-up couldn't have cost me any more than $25 - $30.

I wasn't quite sure where to put this; but since the 'Accessories Directory' is on the 'Modifications' page, I guess that's as good a place as any. Just giving you guys some ideas. Enjoy.

Nerf Recon M4

15 January 2009 - 01:28 AM

I haven't seen this anywhere else on NerfHaven, probably because it does nothing to the efficiency of the gun. It does, however, make the gun look a lot cooler in my opinion.

Posted Image

Basically it's the Longshot barrel extension (I did the frontgun integration, and therefore didn't have any use for the extra barrel) put in the Recon's extension shell. As I said it does nothing for efficiency, it actually makes the gun fire shorter than it usually does. But the close-in fighting my friends and I do makes range unecessary. And it sorta looks like an M4; at least I think so. I have made a shorter extension since I took these pictures so I'll be posting more pictures shortly.

Oh , the fore grip is a longshot scope's rail attachment, with a peice of 3/4" PVC pipe epoxied to it.

EDIT: More pictures. The short one is the "commando" variant. Basically just a cut down version.
Posted Image

And the insides (of the smaller one, one of the screws is damaged on the bigger one, so I couldn't get it open).
Posted Image

It seems pretty self-explanatory. I would do a complete write-up, but I don't have anymore extensions.