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Pumpsnap A La Rork

05 November 2010 - 12:36 AM

Based heavily on Split's SlamBow, among others. Also, props to Dizzy for the plunger design.

The plunger shafts consists of a length of 1/2" oak dowel. You could use drilled and tapped nylon as well. The plunger head is Dizzy's version of the standard Superlative, with a 1 1/2" disc of wood which has one edge beveled acting as the catch ramp.
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You could substitute 1/4" plastic sheeting, if you liked. It has a 1/2" hole in the center, so it fits around the plunger rod and auto-centers. The sled is a 3/4" T fitting, which has a 5/8"-wide section cut out at the top. 2 5/8"x16" dowels are attached via 3/4" #6 bolts, the heads of which are countersunk into the wood. The bolts fit flush with the inside of the T, eliminating the need for any slots, etc. The push plate at the rear is a 2 1/2" section of 3x1 oak, with a 3'4" hole drilled in it, the midpoint of which is 1/2" from the upper edge.
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The blaster body is a standard SNAPbow, with a few modifications. The plunger tube is cut to 13", with the bushing nested completely inside the front of the gun. The bottom rail is extended by 3" or so, to accommodate the foregrip.
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The pump sled fits on thusly, with the back of the plunger getting topped off with a screw, a washer, and an "I fucked up the length of my plunger rod" spacer.
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The stock is very wooden.
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You can also field strip it with the sled on.
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The spring rest is held in by 2 screws behind the rest.
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Here's the complete gun, yo. It's super badass.
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Wincno 2

06 October 2010 - 10:55 PM

I'm having another sweet NC war, y'all.

DATE: Oct. 30th

PLACE: Black Mountain Rec. Park. There will be a primary location and a backup, just in case The Man takes offense to our shenanigans.

DIRECTIONS: Recreation Park Drive, Black Mountain, NC. Google Maps should take you right to it.

THE BACKUP: 125 Bleachery Blvd., Asheville, NC. This will take you to a Super Wal-Mart. The park is directly adjacent to the lower edge of the parking lot.

GUN BANS: Fuck 'em. Don't bother bringing singled air howitzers, but I won't be banning anything on the basis of effectiveness.

DARTS: Slugs strongly preferred. If anyone fails too hard to use them, I'll tolerate single BBs.

AGE: I'm cool with people 14 or older. The one exception I'll make is for an older player who brings a younger sibling. This thing is going to be run a lot tighter than we're used to, and I don't want to have to run dwarf patrol all afternoon, especially since people's parents would be quite a ways away from the main site.

GAMES: We're gonna do very little standard stuff. I'm taking this war as an opportunity to play using different scoring systems, so expect freeze tag, gunslinger variants, and Carpe, among others. And no, that doesn't mean CtF or zombies.

Depending on the location, we may be moving around between fields quite a bit (one loc. has like 4-6 fields we could use), so don't bring every damn gun you own. Stick to a reliable primary, a pistol with a holster, and a sackful of darts, with spare guns left in the car. This isn't going to be a gunshow type war, anyway, since the rounds we will be playing will tend to put everyone out of commission at the same time, instead of spreading the process out over 30 minutes. And make sure you have about twice as many darts as you think you'll need. we'll be playing very fast-paced rounds, and some of them may be in areas that are not conducive to 100% dart recovery.

I won't have darts for people, but I will try to make up a handful of loaner spring cannons, so don't let your crappy guns keep you from attending.


flash-gordon (validating)+4-7

The Old Guy

Snapbow Mk. V, Revised

01 October 2010 - 12:29 AM

I have revised a few things in regard to this gun, and took some good photos that should make the writeup easier to follow.

SNAPbow Mk. V.

Materials Needed:

Main Blaster Body:
12 1/2" 1 ¼” sched. 40 pvc
1”x½” bushing


#8x1 ½” screws (2)
1 1/4" PVC coupler
1x2 Poplar board (or the handle material of your choice)
6” ¾” sched. 40 pvc
¾” hardwood dowel (I prefer poplar, to match the handle)
½” pvc tee OR elbow
½” pvc 45 OR elbow


Industrial-strength clothespin
Roofing nail
4” zip ties (2)
8” zip tie
1 ½ “ angle bracket

Plunger Assembly:

Superlative plunger head
1 1/2" cpvc endcap
2 11/4" OD steel fender washers
1 appropriately sized nylon spacer (look at the photo)
1 #6 11/4" bolt
1 11/4" rubber fender washer
1 11/2" rubber fender washer
1 #8 finishing washer
1 #6 wing nut

12" of ½” cpvc
½” cpvc T
¾” pvc endcap
[k26] spring

Adhesives, screws, and so on:

Epoxy Putty
CA glue/Solvent weld
Hot glue
#6 ½” pan head sheet metal screws.


You have to have a hacksaw and a drill. A dremel, a pair of PVC shears, a sturdy pair of pliers with a wire cutter, and a hobby knife are all highly recommended.

Main Body:

Cut your pressure chamber to length: 12 1/2". Wrap your 1” bushing in etape until it fits reasonably snugly in the pressure chamber (PC hereafter). Slather it with goop and seat it. Anchor it with 3 screws. Measure 8 1/2" from the front of the PC (NOT the front of the bushing) and drill the hole for your trigger pin.

Trigger Assembly:

Cut your clothespin down, fill with epoxy putty, drill, and assemble--pretty basic stuff.
Make sure the pin is cut long enough; the superlative head fits the PC more loosely than does a traditionally made SNAP head, and a too-short pin is an invitation to catch slippage. Zip-tie the trigger on. No glue is necessary, although gooping it on is fine too.


Etno (east Tennessee Nerf Dealio)

18 September 2010 - 01:49 PM

We're doing a war in Tennessee, yo. Chain's original post on NR:

Reply with quote
Post ETNO--- A TN war that will actually happen!!
Post date: Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:35 pm
East Tennessee Nerf Outing

Hosts: Chain and Chicken (If he makes it)
Date: Saturday, November 20th, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
City: Athens, TN
Staging Area: None ATM (I've got a representative going around looking for potential areas.)

UPDATE: The war will be held at Athens Regional Park.

What to Bring: Guns, lots of darts, a friend, I'd suggest a lunch and money, there will be a lot of selling/trading.

Banned :
If you bring something too powerful, I may spot-ban it

Gun hits do not count.
Eye protection is mandatory, if you ain't got none, you ain't playin'!

Team Deathmatches (Lots)
Free-For-All (A fair amount)
Pistol Round (Only a few)
Mentor Round (A fair amount)

Large Ammo Round!

Feel free to throw Round ideas around!

12:30 PM
There aren't many fast food places nearby, so I suggest bringing a lunch.

Attendence List
Chain + 1



15 July 2010 - 01:58 AM

Where: Langford Middle School, Augusta GA.
When: September 11th, 11 AM.
Hosts: Rork and Zax
Who: Rork, Zax, Ben (?), Rogue...a veritable pantheon of dudes who are gonna shred face.
What to Bring: Guns. Darts. more Darts. Water.
What Not to Bring: Heavy Darts. Slugs and single BBs only. Slug darts must be weighted with a single #8 steel washer, as the good Lord intended. Hoppers will be limited to 6 inches in length. Chime in. Don't bring any fucking death cannons, because we will look upon you with scorn.
Bring your game face, a good attitude, and a buddy.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Attendance List: If you've mentioned coming, you're on it.

Ben (?)
The Old Guy
Spud Spudoni



1 custom +bow (from Rogue)
1 AT2K (from Nerkum)
1 box of PopTarts (from...well...PopTart)

Tentative Round Schedule:

Start off with a FFA to see where people are at, skill-wise and everything.

Mentor round. This is the direct result of a conversation I had with Chicken Basically, we're gonna have quite a few newbies at this war. So we're gonna do a round of Deathmatch consisting of 3-4 person teams, but instead of choosing teams on a top-down ranked basis ("Quick! Get the big guys/your friends/people who post a lot !"), we're gonna structure teams on the basis of putting a newbie with a vet or 2, to help them learn and make sure they're competing--not just staying huddled up with their buddies while the experienced players shred each other with hoppers. This round is all about relaxing and getting into the rhythm of the game, unlike...

2-team Deathmatch.

If we have time, a pistol round. (The pistol round will happen, but it could be before or after lunch.)

Dart Sweep.

Lunch. I would prefer to avoid the whole "people leaving for 45 minutes" thing, because lunch is gonna be short, and you should be thinking light, anyway. It's gonna be wicked hot. After enough people finish eating, we'll go straight to the

RAFFLE! Free stuff ftw.

Once that's over with, I will be explaining the rules/setup for...

Carpe Testiculum! Zaxby's is threatening to bitch out on this one. We'll see. But it should be highly enjoyable. This will be a timed round, lasting 20 minutes. If people like it, we can run it again later.

We'll play a bunch of rounds of Deathmatch, in various team sizes/combinations. Prolly another FFA as well. Basically, we'll be deciding round by round. Feel free to make suggestions, but we're pretty unlikely to stray away from the meat and potatoes games. And for God's sake, don't ask for a gimmick round. "Gimmicks" include zombies, etc., etc.

We'll finish the day out with a round of primaries gunslinger. Followed by...

Another Dart Sweep.

And a Big-Ass Nerf Swap Meet. Bring moneys, y'all. I'm liquidating a bunch of my collection, so look forward to a Yaris packed with goodies. That is all.