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Wookie Bowcaster

02 January 2010 - 03:44 PM

Vaguely inspired by ambushbug's Chewbacca's2k integration I decided to mod my Wookie Bowcaster. The shell is pretty slim, so I decided that trying to put a new set of springer internals in there was a dumb idea. after opening everything up, I discovered that, although quite small, the stock spring is actually pretty nice. Here's a pic of it next to a crossfire spring (CF spring on the left). They're almost exactly the same size, but the bowcaster's spring has more oomph to it.
Posted Image
Here's a pic of the shell with all the internals taken out.
Posted Image
Wanting too maintain the stock appearance as much as possible (I'm a big fan of wookies), I saw that the SMDTB pump left over from my upcoming Arachnophobia/Marvelous Salvo inspired project would be ideal. You need to cut the ridge shown on the left side of the pump tube in this next pic so that the part that keeps the pump rod inside the tube can rotate freely, allowing you to position the output hole of the check valve (on the righthand side) without having the pump handle at some ridiculous angle.
Posted Image
with some very minimal dremel work,
Posted Image
it fits like a dream!
Posted Image
note that you can see both what I was talking about before with rotating the pump tube, and how I used the ridges that used to hold the catch plate to grip the lip of the thing that keeps the pump rod in the tube, keeping the pump rod from coming out of the shell. Fitting the rest of the internals in, unfortunately, took a bit more extensive dremel work (nothing compared to the nightmare I have facing me with the hornet shell I'm using for my next project, ugh)
Posted Image
For the rest of the internals, I used a hornet tank and blast button (also left over from my upcoming project). I drilled a hole in the stem of the hornet tank that the peg from the SMDTB pump fit snugly into, and gooped it up. then I put one of those little springs inside the tubing to keep it from collapsing at the sharp angle I bent it to, and gooped it to the blast button. I cut down the part of the stock trigger that interfaced the catch plate, and glued a piece of a crossfire trigger system connecting the stock trigger to the inside of the blast button. Here you can see them installed:
Posted Image
The barrel is a piece of OMC PETG left over from another project, cut to fit the shell. I'm sure it's far from the optimal length for a hornet tank, but it looks nice.
Posted Image
All closed up, without the "bow" part. I lost the little prg that used to attach the bow arms, but I don't want to just glue them on, I'll figure something out later.

Ranges coming as soon as I figure out optimal number of pumps, and go outside to try it out.

If anyone has experience with using PETG on a hornet tank, and wants to suggest optimal barrel length, I'd appreciate it, my stefans fit pretty loose in the PETG.

ooh, first writeup, complete!