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College Teams!

15 September 2009 - 10:25 PM

Goucher College in Towson,MD is looking for a CTF opponent. We had UPitt come last year and had a lot of fun and got to have a hell of a day. I head the organization for Goucher's team and it's my goal to get a game against another college once a semester. No limit on people, the more people you can bring the better. On request i can throw up pics of the playing field, its on a hill in a old equestrian field in the woods. We play at 2:00 on every other Saturday. So what do ya say?

Maverick Air Powered Rifle

05 September 2008 - 12:14 PM

This is my first real contribution to the haven, and I'm hoping its directory worthy. Any who, I will do my best for a write up but this is really loose ended and can be used with different parts then what I had. I will start off with a list of materials used:

Maverick frame and trigger
Sm3k pump
At3k air tank
Ls bi-pod

barrel materials:
18 inch 3/4 cpvc
brass breeched
1inch pvc "silencer"

other materials:
epoxy putty
hot glue
strong string (used string from double shot)

a really good dremel with sander and disc bits

I bring you.. my beauty


Posted Image

The pump is guided by the barrel, using a pvc T coupler (i think it was the 1inch size) and is lined by felt to make pumping smooth.

Posted Image

you can see that the base of the pump is securely fastened to the middle of the maverick, as opposed to the bottom which runs the slight risk of the pump breaking off the gun from pushing to hard. Also, the breech is visible. Its nothing fancy, just cut a hole in some 17/32 brass and put a short piece of 9/16 brass over that, as a cover. Epoxy a Short nail to that and there you are.

Posted Image

Here, we have 6 ammo holders made of 1/2 cpvc. These are attached to the stock, which is a combination of 3/4 cpvc and couplers that are glued in, using a variety of adhesives.

Posted Image

A shot of the Ls bi-pod folded up. It works amazing well for this gun and serves a much greater purpose then what it did on the longshot its self.

Posted Image

You can see where the At3k tank's valve comes out of the maverick here, its the little orange piece that the hose attaches to.

Posted Image

A quick shot to show the pump extended. This was by accident, but the "silencer" stops the pump from coming all the way out, yet still get a full pump of air in.

Posted Image

The reason I used 3/4 cpvc to house my brass barrel is because of how perfectly the cpvc fits into that orange barrel piece on the maverick, which does an excellent job of keeping my barrel straight and secure.

Posted Image

Yes, I opened it back up just for you all! the trigger system was inspired by my dad actually, because he was talking about pulley systems, and that sounded a lot more simple then some other ideas i had going through my head.

I carved a divot for the string to sit in on the trigger and knotted it outside of a small hole i drilled in the bottom of the trigger. The string then goes around 2 pegs that are already in the maverick and ties onto the air tank pin. You have to make sure that the string you use DOES NOT STRETCH at all or it won't work because of the air pressure. It is also important to make string very taught and put in a strong combination of knots on the pin. I slipped a small spring between the knot and plastic piece on the pin, and then hot glued it to make it stiff, which helps (kind of like the pic pen mod). To make sure the pin returns to its original position after firing, I threw a rubber band on there to push it back, the picture says enough for that part.

Posted Image

just a closer look at the internals for ya.

Alright and there you have it. I started this project at the beginning of summer and literally finished it yesterday. It was completed earlier but I had used the Sm3k air tank and that eventually exploded and set me back, until I bough a At3k off of badger.

No official ranges yet but I can easily say I can hit 100 flat by shooting it down my dorm hallway, but I will try to get those to you soon.

Compliments? Flames? Comments at all really. I hope you all enjoy!!

OH and if you play Goucher CTF, you better watch out. You have been warned mwahahhaa

Lotr Crossbow

30 August 2008 - 02:14 PM

Alright, this is not really anything to put in the directory, but worth throwing out there for anyone who is interested in this gun. This gun really isn't anything special stock, like most guns, however it has a huge plunger tube and plenty of room for whatever kind of barrel replacement you choose. I am a fan of cpvc, mainly because of how cheap and durable it is, so as you can see I simply used that.

Posted Image

I used FA24's write up to guide me through the barrel replacement, AR removal, and increasing the seal of the O-ring.

What I did differently however, is keep the actual bow parts on, so I had more options for bungee placement. I also left them on just for show, a much more intimidating look. As you can see, there are 3 cpvc ammo holders on each arm, gorilla glued on, and not going anywhere. Instead of bungees I managed to find different grades of elastic tubing. The red tubing is pretty strong stuff and the green tubing is a little weaker. originally the stronger tubing was on the arms but it kept tearing them off, so i gorilla glued those on and went with the weaker tubing on the arms. the ruber bands are also helping keep the arms together, so if the glue does break, hopefully I won't get hit in the face with the arms.

Posted Image

I can't find FBR around where I live so I wrap e-tape around the holes on streamlines for my high power guns, which works really well.

Ranges: Flat
121ft (might have something to do with the amount of etape on dart, investigating now)

Conditions: rounded to nearest foot, slight breeze blowing from the side, done on grass so the darts did not bounce, I used a tape measure to make 4 25ft increments, I left the tape measure on the ground to measure from 100ft-125ft.

Feel free to ask questions, criticize, compliment, whatever you feel is needed.

Oh and I've been having trouble with photobucket so let me know if the pics don't work out, I will do what I can.

Best Air Tank In A Gun?

17 July 2008 - 04:10 PM

Ok, I'm gonna hope this topic hasn't been brought up before, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat. Anyways, I am currently making a maverick loser rifle, and yes its as insane as it sounds. I put in the air internals from a SM3K, it was working fine, but eventually the male threaded part of the tank that connects to the hose exploded, which separated it from the rest of the tank (I apologize for the lack of pictures, but if you have ever looked at this air tank it would make more sense). I tried gooping, epoxy, you name it, but nothing can repair it, so the whole tank has to be replaced.

Now for the main point of this topic: Most of you have way more nerf experience then I do, so I would like your opinion on what gun has the best air tank. Now when I say best, I mean durable, and has a good life span even after plugging the over pressure valve. (mine is plugged but i never exceeded 3 pumps, which it handled just fine for the first 40 or so shots...then it died).

If you feel this isn't well written or described, I am sorry, but this is my first topic on the haven. I'm rather new here haha