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In Topic: Best Spring For Longshot

18 September 2008 - 01:47 PM

I have the LS/BBB combo in my Angel Breeched Longshot. However i have reinforced the boltsled and i do not use it often. I was more into seeing if i could complete an Angel Breech and just how far it would shoot. Using the LS/BBB combo with the Angel Breech has gotten me ranges between 105' to 120' at an angle close to 10 degrees. I basically picked a target at level height (my mailbox) and barely lifted the nose of the gun at all, but using a protractor I could see that I lifted it around 10 degrees. I got my Longshot around Christmas last year and the barrel does not protrude past the end of the orange piece on the front.

In Topic: Custom Song For Guitar Hero 2

26 April 2008 - 09:56 PM

I have successfully modified Guitar Hero 2 for PS2 before, but all you are really doing is ripping the game disc to make an image file. The image file is edited in a program where the note charts are downloaded from the aforementioned scorehero.com and loaded into the program to line up with the mp3 of the song you have to somehow get. Then burn a new copy of the game. The way it works on PS2 is that you have to modify the PS2 to boot a certain way or (what I did was) buy a disc that you put into the disc drive and when it stops spinning and tells you on the screen to switch, you have to open the case or somehow otherwise switch the disc with your burned disc. Then the program boots up the game.

I have not been to the website in the while and don't know if they figured out how to get the mod to work on xbox, but modifying your xbox in any way will ban you from xbox live..... I know from experience :rolleyes:

So rock band having to have different note charts for different instruments is not too likely. I could be wrong though.

In Topic: Brass Ls Breach

10 April 2008 - 08:33 PM


I used a two part epoxy i found at my local sears hardware. It did break off once at first, but after removal of the original gunk and sufficient scoring of the brass and plastic orange piece, it has stayed on. However I do not participate in wars so i have not put it through any abuse or all day repetition of reloading so i don't know if it will stand up to that kind of abuse.

The epoxy is called PC-7 heavy duty epoxy paste.