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expanding back-pressure air tanks

15 July 2018 - 08:19 PM

I am going to explain this as simply as possible.On MakeItGo's profile explains the air-tank internals of a Buzz Bee Blastzooka. (link here:) http://nerfhaven.com...13447-makeitgo/First off, you MUST find the outer diameter of the air tank. Once you have done that you can buy some pipe material that will fit right over the air tank. Third step: Cut the part where the air is stored in half. Step four: There will be a rod with a rubber seal, cut the rod in half and trim it. Next, you need to extend the rod with coat hanger wire or some PVC (Epoxy the rod together) Have the rod be 1/2 inches from the opening to get a functioning air blaster. Put the rod back in and slide the PVC over the tank. IF the pvc is too loose then, use electrical tape. Use liquid epoxy to glue the PVC over the air tank. Let it cure.


If you found this useful, let me know!


Thanks for reading this.. 



Where do I get a Buzz Bee Big Blast online?

25 June 2018 - 06:10 PM

I have been absolutely dying to find out where to find one.. 


I want to replicate MiG's Homewrecker with the materials that are available to me.


If anyone knows where to get a 4B That would be amazing!


IF you have one you're willing to sell, please contact me.


Thanks for reading this! -Leland

Idea for a homemade E.L.A.B (Extension spring lever action blaster)

15 February 2018 - 06:13 PM

E.L.A.B is a blaster of my design, based off of the Mattel Maximizer. E.L.A.B is unique because rather than using a compression spring, it uses an extension spring. The lever action works by using two sheet metal bars with a 6/32" bolt going into the lever, and 1/2" delrin. This 1/2" delrin will allow you to put slots easily into it so the 6/32" bolt will move freely. When the bolt is in the back position it will pull the slotted 1/2" delrin into the catch where the delrin will slip under and stay in the locked position. the spring is extended, and the plunger head (of your choice) will create the seal.



De-priming and resting position






I know there is a lot of dead-space but the blaster should fire singled best with a breech/ speed loader the best.


this blaster is on paper right now, and I do not have the money or time for it


Just a quick idea for a new home-made


(Also I would appreciate if you people could post ideas for improvements)


Thanks for tuning in, - Leland