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Long Strike Commercial?!

08 November 2009 - 03:10 AM

My friend told me she saw a commercial for the longstrike on cartoon network Ive searched all over the interweb and found nothing. can any one back my friend up or/and post a video of it?

Bbb Barrel Length

22 July 2009 - 12:50 AM

Iím wondering what is the best barrel length for a Big Bad Bow?

Chain Saw Vulcan Idea!

24 October 2008 - 01:47 AM

I have been looking at the vulcan for months and I noticed it has a lot of free space. I have had many thoughts of what to do with this space, but now I think I have It! CHAIN SAWS!!! Some thing like the Lancer mod, but more Evil Dead like! Maybe taking two of those chainsaws and combining them together to make the chain part longer! Also I could put some thing that could spray fake blood. If possible i could have it snap over my hand! I know this all sounds a little crazy but I have done a lot things close to my ideas. I have made blood cannons for movies before. For the chainsaw part I would just put the the two blades together with plumbers putty and I also have a friend who could paint it like Ashes chainsaw hand.

Sadly there is one problem I am in Panama for 4 more weeks, so I really can't get any of the toys here and all of my tools are in the united states!

If you don't know what evil dead is, this will give you an idea!

Join Nerf Wars In Santa Fe Nm.

16 March 2008 - 03:00 AM

I have been working on Nerf Wars NM with a few people. The point of the game is to get as many trinkets from as many people playing as you can with in two hours. A trinket is a small item some one gives you when you shoot them with your Nerf gun, you loose your trinket when you have been shot. Once you have been shot your out off the game till the end. There are to land marks, one is the beginning the other is the end. At the start landmark you will have ten minutes to get to a safe area. You will try to get to the end landmark with as many trinkets as you can get, with out being shot. When the time limit is up you will be expected to be at the end landmark with your trinkets so we can determine who the winner is.
These are some rules you will be expected to fallow during the game


2) No vehicles.

3) Stay safe goggles are recommended.

4) Players must be respectful.

5) One shot kill or hit.

6) Foam darts and knifes only.

7) Foam blade canít be more then 10 inches.

8) All knifes must meet Amptgard standards.
You gain a trinket for shooting, and loose one for being shot.

9) No shields or blocking with knifes.

10) Knifes can block knifes.

11) No hitting heads with knifes.

12) No throwing knifes.

13) Players can make teams of five.

14) Teams must have one common factor.

15) No home made darts.

16) All weapons will be looked at.

17) All modification must be told of before hand.

18) Put names on darts.

19) Trinkets must be small.

20) If there is a dispute of hit do a five-step draw.

Air Powered Ls I Need Help

16 March 2008 - 12:37 AM

ok so i just got my friend the long shot for his birthday..but he does not think it has enough power so he wants to make it air powered. so i took the challenge, i want it to work just like the long shot. i was thinking of useing an old pump water gun. please post with ideas or help