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Nerf In The News!

05 May 2005 - 03:48 PM


This sounds really cool, but the part about the police and stuff does not sound fun. I think it would neat if I could try this, but it might be too involved with school for me.
Anyway, sorry if this is already known around here. I searched for it.
EDIT: Heres another article on DART WARS, explaining it in detail.

Biggest War, Clan?

19 April 2005 - 05:37 PM

I would like to know how many people the largest nerf clans out there have. My clan (the FDG) has about 10 people that come most of the time and a maximum of 20. These people are ones that are either intrested in nerf, or want to have fun. Normal wars we have about 10 people at them, but at an upcoming war, we will have about 20.

This war is gonna be very special, because it will have RPG elements in it. This (from what I know) is the first time anyone has tried this. I am going to post the SITREPS for both teams below. We will have to make props, such as cheapo fortifications and the engineers items, medics packs, ect. I really hope this experemental war works, and if it dosent, then we will have a plain old TDM or DM.


Tell me if these dont work

Stefan Making Tip

18 April 2005 - 09:52 PM

Well, to cool stefans down after I make them, I get a cup of water with ice (if its not cold enough) and after I glue the bbs in, I drop it in the cup for a second. If you have a low-temp gun, this will work, because the glue is at a low tempature. Im not sure about high-temp ones....... But it really speeds up production. Also, you can make hole-stefans by getting a nail and holding it (in pliars, of course) over a candle. The flame will heat the nail up, and then you proceed to melt a long hole in the stefan. I do this because I am scared of breaking yet ANOTHER RF20! (Ive broken about 5? trying to mod them. Eventually I will buy another one and try to mod it, or just give it to my 2IC or the supreme admiral.


17 April 2005 - 02:18 PM

Posted Image
This is my blowgun. It is almost 3 feet long, and is made of type M .5 in copper pipe. My first blowgun used the default type of .5 in copper, but it was heavy, so I switched to type M (type M is wider and lighter). It is a good weapon, having good range, accuacy, and ROF. A few other people use them in the clan. We make them by getting a long piece of pipe and attaching a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made of a piece of pipe (usually) that fits over the .5 in copper. Then a piece of FBR is cut in half (the long way) and wrapped around the pipe to make the mouthpiece. This is covered in duct tape and a hole is cut or melted into the mouthpiece to allow the user to load and fire the blowgun. Mine has ammo holders that can hold a maximum amount of 28 rounds. I know that other nerfers use blowguns, and that they are different than this one. I would like to know more, like what they are made of and how good the range is. And yes, I cover almost all my guns in duct tape.

Cpvc Nerf Sniper

14 April 2005 - 06:11 PM

The loser was a supersoaker modded with copper barrel and a copper pipe fitting. The fitting allowed for barrel extension. The extension was made of CPVC and was half an inch. Because CPVC is thinnner than regular PVC, the stefans fit tight. This allows it to be propelled out with more force, and a gun with a high volume of air that is released quickly is ideal for this. The first time I tested this, I was amazed at the range it got. It was also very accurate and easy to aim, as some people at the next war found out smile.gif Then it broke! I felt terrible for awhile, then tried the same thing with a AT2k. It worked, but not as well. I am still improving the AT2K version. I also have a nite finder with a copper pipe connector fitting and CPVC that works pretty well (it might seem far for me, but for more expirenced modders and nerfers, the range might seem above avarage)

If anyone has not tried this before, feel free to experement with it.
EDIT: Sorry for my noobiness, but I have found out that people have tried CPVC before AND the 2k cpvc dosen't work that well, but its better than nothing