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Can a stock longshot catch take a [k26]?

25 June 2019 - 11:23 PM

I got a longshot at a yard sale recently, and I'm doing an old school brass breech. I don't want to have to order anything online if I can do it at home. I want to use a [k25] or [k26], so do I have to buy an upgraded catch or catch spring? Or will the stock longshot catch be fine?

Skirt seals

25 October 2018 - 08:06 PM

I'm not sure if this topic has already been covered in a longer post, but I wanted to ask a question about skirt seals and start a post about seals for homemades in general. My question is: Is this (https://www.mcmaster.com/9562K47) the seal used for plunger heads in 1 1/4 inch pvc? I tried looking for the answer, but I couldn't be sure. Also, are there any tutorials on making skirt seals? Thanks for the help. (To be clear, this is fitting inside 1 1/4 inch pvc)


Edit: After thinking for a few minutes and searching around some more, I started wondering if this (https://www.mcmaster.com/9562K46) was the thing that I was looking for. The ID and OD seem right, but some clarification would be greatly appreciated. 

flywheels/cage for modulus?

29 September 2018 - 01:28 PM

Hi again, Ive had a halfway modified modulus In my basement for 2 and a half years now, and I was looking for a decent cage/ set of flywheels to put in it. Im running it off of a 2s lipo. I dont need anything outstanding, just something thats decent.

Caliburn or Chimera?

27 September 2018 - 04:06 PM

I hate to divide the community like this, but Ive been in a conundrum, and I cant decide which to get. I really like both. Ive watched reviews of both, but to my knowledge, there isnt a direct comparison video of the two. Could someone help me out? Pros? Cons? Perhaps a video comparison that I just dont know exists? Thanks.

When's the war list for 2018 coming out?

07 January 2018 - 12:58 PM

I know that it's pretty early in the year, but I was wondering when the schedule for all of the wars is coming out. Can't wait to start nerfing in the new year!