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N-strike Magazines

05 March 2010 - 11:05 AM

For those of you who have used these magazines, the problem I am about to discuss will relate to you. As the magazine is loaded, the force on the darts it get heavier and heavier. The mags are made to hold 6 rounds, but you might be able to squeeze in one more. As the magazine is loaded, though, it forces the follower to push directly in the center of the dart, which is often the result of jams if the dart is not perfectly straight.

Magazine mods that I've seen (that combine two mags into one) are nice, but still present the same problem, and will do so more in depth than the original mag.

Here's my thoughts:
Boltsniper used a constant force spring in his mags for the beautiful works he did. Now, by replacing the stock mag spring with a constant force spring of the right tension, each dart will have the same amount of force applied to it, which will cut down on jamming. But the added advantage is that these springs tend to compress just a little bit further, meaning that the magazine will comfortable hold more rounds instead of the standard 6. I'm estimating at least two extra rounds per mag.

Of course, the mag mod will require a longer spring, but it might net the addition of 5 or more extra darts with the same tension.

I'm gonna work on this over the weekend since I have three magazines for my Recon. If I fail, I'm not at a total loss. I will post in this topic when it is complete, along with a how-to if it is successful.

In the mean time, why don't you guys share your thoughts on doing this with the mags...

Recon Charging Handle

21 February 2010 - 10:05 PM

The most aggravating thing about a Recon to me is the fact that the sight rail has to be moved in order to charge the blaster. I'm probably alone in this, but I kind of like using the Nerf sights, especially the red dot one. With that said, I wanted a way to charge the blaster without the need to move the sight rail.

I considered making a pump for it, but all of the tutorials on this still require the sight rail to move. I considered bypassing the sight rail completely with a pump, but my design would have called for a complete revamp of at least half the blaster. THEN, I remembered my Maverick (that I wish I would not have lost half the pieces for). On it, I fixed the sight rail to keep it from moving, then placed a cocking knob on it. So that's what I would do to the Recon.

The whole process was pretty simple, so I'll just make some pics and can explain in further detail if there are any questions.

Posted Image
I removed the powertube from the charging bracket, then placed a nut and bolt through one of the holes. Before doing this, however, the head of the bolt was ground down, so as not to interfere with the magazine or the barrel entry.

Posted Image
This shows the powertube inserted into the blaster. I chose to put the charging handle on this side because I'm a lefty and this allows me to charge the blaster without the need to remove my hand from the grip. Notice that the receiver slot had to be widened to accommodate the nut.

Posted Image
The right side of the sight rail was trimmed out to allow the charging handle to fully retract. I marked it's position and glued it onto this half of the receiver to keep it from moving.

The left side of the sight rail was left in tact with the exception of grinding down the catch on the inside of it. I did not glue this side, due to two hidden screws on the right side of the receiver, and it is held in place with its own screws.

Now, the sight rail is stationary and allows me to use the fancy dot sight without it moving (and sliding onto the barrel when I charge it forward). I plan on placing some sort of handle onto the bolt threads in the future.

Intro / Question

17 March 2008 - 10:57 PM

Hello. I am Hubb. I've never actually "Nerf'd" but I play paintball regularly. I found this site when I purchased some Nerf guns for me and my son and looked to increase their performance. He got the Maverick and I got the Recon. After modding the Recon (using mods on this site), it averages 85' flat. I'm satisfied with that. I've yet to mod the Maverick (I don't know if I want to, since I am his primary target). This site has very excellent information, especially concerning homemades, which led me to believe you guys know what you're talking about.

Currently, I am designing a homemade. It is a magazine fed, pump action (modeled after Boltsniper's FAR). It will run off of regulated CO2. I have everything worked out except one thing. You see, I would like for the valve to be a semi-auto type of valve, which will allow for fast follow-up shots and be efficient with the CO2.

My question is, is there a way I can construct a semi-auto type of valve that will do this? I saw Dr Nerf's valve and that is pretty much exactly how I want my valve to work, however, his valve just seems to big and bulky for what I am trying to do.

More detail: The homemade will be designed to shoot 5 paintballs simultaneously at around 250fps. It could probably shoot those big Stefans as well. Currently, I have a piston valve (courtesy of Spudfiles). Having a bit of experience with that, I would have to release the trigger fairly quickly to give the desired effects and preserve CO2. I prefer to conduct follow-up after the shot (any of you with shooting experience will know what I'm talking about).

Any help would be appreciated.