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In Topic: Need Retaliator 7KG or 9KG spring

26 November 2019 - 04:31 PM

Hello Tanner, and welcome to Nerfhaven!


My recommendation for an upgraded spring in the U.S. would be to check Out of Darts. Luke has a really decent inventory and is great with getting items shipped out in a reasonable time. I usually receive items just a few days after placing an order.



In Topic: Rampage plus Vortex = Darts AND Discs !

02 October 2019 - 10:37 AM

Awesome integration! I really like the way this turned out, really blends well and comes together to make a sweet blaster. How practical are you finding the bolt prime to be for this setup? Seems like it could get a bit awkward to juggle between the two grips and priming bars to switch which portion of the integration you're using.