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In Topic: Shoring Up Aging Micro-darts

16 April 2005 - 08:49 PM

WEASEL: I've made a fairly self-explanatory website, viewable at http://geocities.com...apassassination. Simply put, it's a game that AP students at my high school have been playing for nearly twenty years - it's been written about in the New York Times a few times, and over the years have gotten progressively bigger and bigger.

Essentially, it's a single-elimination assassination game: you're assigned a target by the coordinator (that's me!), who you have one week to assassinate, using a nerf gun, by whatever means possible. Whoever has eliminated their target, and not been eliminated themself, moves on to the next round: same routine, until only one person is left standing. People get creative: disguising themselves as UPS drivers, hiding in trees and bushes, hiring underclassmen as bodyguards, etc: basically, the entire senior class is paranoid for a week.

LordoftheRing434: Yikes. Sorry to hear about that... what gun were you having those problems with?